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    Is there a thread/forum for talking about the dieselgate and settlement offers, etc?

    I have some questions others probably share as well. Like: do individual owners of the vehicles involved have to file suit in the case I read about in the media, (the article said a judge had given "the parties" to June 21 to work out a deal) or will the deal cover everyone? That is what...
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    How to get my 2014 Sportswagen to recognize new cellphone?

    Can anyone give me procedures to get the car to pick up the new LG G4 I just got? Thanks
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    Hauling JSW behind RV, pros and cons?

    I am thinking about hauling my 2014 behind an RV later this summer. It will be on a car hauler (front two wheels off the ground on a two wheeled carrier). I have some concern about how long and relatively low the JSW is as far as dragging the rear bumper area going through dips. Of course, if...
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    New cell phone, car won't find it

    Just got an HTC One cell phone. My Nokia Lumina 1020 wasn't a problem when I "found" it last October. Ditto wife's Samsung cell phone. My 2014 Jetta says "compatible phone not found". How do I fix that? If I take it to the dealer can they update the data base?
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    Rear seat head rests - 2004 JSW

    2 rear seat head rests. Beige/tan cloth. I don't know what else they might fit, came off my 2004 Jetta Sportswagen when it was almost new. So they are in basically pristine condition.
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    Well... I'M BACK... ha ha

    First, I never really left. I have had my 2004 Jetta since 2006. However, some of you might recall that I bought a 2009 Jetta TDI with the DSG and hated the hesitation. Still don't know if it was what is "normal" for that make and model or very much an outlier (worse than most). All I know for...
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    Confused, any difference between 2013 and 2014 models?

    I'm about to buy and would like to know of any changes between the model years. One article I read said the '14's have an improvement to the rear suspension. But, I haven't been able to figure that out for sure either way. Talking about a Jetta Sportswagen TDI, of course.
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    Backing up, hard to get brakes to work

    I've got about 108,000 on my 2004 wagen, brakes have been fine. Haven't done anything to them (no pads). But, no dragging or squeaking. Going forward, the braking is as good as ever. But, all of a sudden, the last couple of days, when backing out of parking space I have to really press hard on...
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    Pics of belts at 103,500 miles and 9 years

    FWIW, I thought I'd follow up my posts about my belt change with pics. The serpentine belt clearly looks used, but, to casual observation, the timing belt doesn't look all that bad. Of course, I know it can fail without observeable cracking, etc. And, trained eyes might see problems I don't...
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    Chevy Cruz diesel for 2014

    don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, but, I thought some diesel fans here might find this interesting: (sorry, just saw this on the main TDI news page)
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    Timing belt job with most of bells and whistles - current cost?

    Non-dealer job. I've been lucky and made it to 104,000 on my 2004 Wagen. (Partly delayed because I'm so far from good vw mechanics). But there is a new place here called Eurotech that assures me they are experienced on TDI timing belt (etc) replacement. So, just wondering what the going rate...
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    Timing belt cost nowdays and trusted mech Texas Panhandle?

    Well, need to put the water pump/timing belt kit in my 2004 Jetta TDI wagen. I was wondering what a fair price was at the moment and if anyone knew of a trusted TDI mechanic in the Texas Panhandle area. At the moment, looks like my best bet is the dealer in Lubbock. They have not caused me in...
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    A new way to get 45% diesel emissions reduction

    Sounds promising:
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    California, put this in your anti-diesel regs and smoke it

    In my humble (ok, not so humble) opinion, there are few things that have done more to hold back diesel personal use vehicles in this country, as say compared to Europe, than California's air quality board being annal. They have such high regs that, along with their consumer's might, no one is...
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    Now here's some alternate fuel
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    2004 key fob question

    I ran through some of the posts on this and didn't quite see the exact answer I was wondering about. Have a 2004 Jetta. The key and immobilizer work fine. Have two of them. But, the part that unlocks the door and hatch lid remotely have gone bad. I've got the link that shows how to reprogram...
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    In praise of the forum

    As referenced elsewhere, I recently sold my 09 TDI and went with another make. One of the huge differences is the absence of a great, knowledgeable "enthusiast" forum. I would have blown a gasket over the worries generated by the 09 without this place to turn to for information and to...
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    Sold my 2009

    Liked many things about it. But, on the driveability end, it was nothing but frustrating. My 2004 fits the "Fahrvergnügen" approach to a "T". The 2009 was about as far from that as you could get.
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    Sour smell from vents, now weak AC...

    On the 2009 Jetta. The smell has been a bit of an issue for months (never do today what you can put off til tomorrow). But, we just came back on a three hour trip yesterday and the AC was barely marginal. (Plenty of volume, just barely cool instead of cold out of the vents. And, yes, I put it on...
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    WORST tires I've ever owned...

    The Original equipment 09/Bridgestone Turanza EL400 on my 2009 Jetta TDI. Some of you will recall I even posted here about how I couldn't keep the tire pressure monitor from going off every week or two. I had slow leak after slow leak fixed. Wife went to Lubbock six weeks ago and had to pull...