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    B6 Passat P0303 (misfire cyl 3), P0299 (underboost) can they be related?

    Hi All, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Its about a 2006 B6 Passat. I've got two error codes that are persistant. The underboost code will be fixed (I HOPE) when I replace the diverter valve which is currently sitting in my trunk. But I'm getting a persistently intermittent P0303...

    Need a Trusted Mechanic Near Stoneham, MA (VW, Non-TDI)

    (TL;DR: Looking for a trusted mechanic near Stoneham, MA todo a 2.0t timing belt) Hello All, A few years ago, with a heavy heart, I traded my 01 Golf TDI for an 06 Passat 2.0t. The TDI was great, and I miss it, but I just needed something a little bigger. Anyway, I'm approaching the 100k...

    Pentosin G12 Antifreeze, A4 Oil filter, A4 Light switch for sale!

    Hey everyone. I traded my A4 Golf TDI for a B6 Passat a few months back, and now I have some extra things. One unopened bottle of antifreeze (G12), and second bottle that is partially used. (Bought from TDI Parts) One Mann A4 Oil Filter (bought at TDI Parts) One original US Factory spec...

    Feeler, 2001 Golf GLS TDI

    I've got a 2001 Silver Golf GLS Automatic :o, that has been well maintained. Recent intake cleaning, 30K on the timing belt (done by someone on here, trusted mechanic), and RocketChiped. I'm considering (just considering for now!) selling it, and would prefer to keep it in the family. 107K...

    2002 Lancer AC clogged

    Hi guys. The Air conditioning evaporator (?) drain hose is clogged in my 2002 Mitsu Lancer. I crawled all over the engine compartment and underneath looking for the drain hose, but could not find it. Does anybody know where that hose may be? I'm pretty sure the drain hose is clogged...

    Diaper Diesel!

    Some crazy Canadians are starting to convert Diapers to diesel. (no offense to Canadians :D)

    Micro Camera Shows the Workings of a Combustion Engine

    Perfect time waster for a Friday morning. Check out this high speed camera video of the inside of a 4 stroke gas engine. Not a diesel, but still VERY COOL! Link! Happy Friday everyone!!

    Black Beetle on Rt 2 in MA

    Just wanted to say hello to the black beetle that passed me (silver golf, South Carolina tags) today on Rt 2 around 5:40ish.

    Red I Jetta, Rt2 near I190

    Just saying hello, I was the Silver Golf. Cheers
  10. NETHED

    Modified Exhaust Ban in Massachusetts

    From the Article "After being stalled for the last several years, a bill (H.B. 3574) to ban the sale or installation of “an exhaust system which has been modified in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the exhaust” has been reintroduced by Rep. Liz Malia...
  11. NETHED

    Engine Shaking under load/acceleration

    Hey guys, I'm freaked out. I was driving today (about a mile and a half) and my car just felt, how to put it, wrong. Couldn't put my finger on it, but it just felt odd, like I had a poorly balanced front wheel or something. It seemed to go away, and so did my worry. Then I drove home...
  12. NETHED

    Grease Car Golf at Hadley, MA Target

    Just wanted to say hello to the Grease car Golf I saw today. It was around 1:30 PM at the Hadley Massachusetts Target parking lot.
  13. NETHED

    Diesel Motorcycle

    Those crazy Dutch are at it again. Now they built a common rail diesel motorcycle based on the DiamlerChrysler 800cc engine. No, this isn't the first diesel motorcycle, but it is the first to be offered to the public for sale. They say that all the Euro ones have been pre-ordered, but do...
  14. NETHED

    98 Dodge Intrepid Stalling (Yes, off topic, but need help anyway!)

    So my younger sister's car is a 98 Dodge Intrepid (3.2 liter gas guzzleing gasser). I used to drive that car, and cherished it so it still looks new on the inside. Now that she has been driving, well, its still clean, but not to my standards. I think that kind of 'less loving attention'...
  15. NETHED

    FS: 3in1 Jump Box, 12V Battery pack and Compressor System

    I have NO affliation with this site. I just thought I would pass it along!
  16. NETHED

    911 Nozzle Washers in CT

    Hey guys TooRound and I are doing a nozzle changeout and I forgot the washers:confused:. If anyone has any, or knows a good place to get them. We are in Windsor CT.
  17. NETHED

    Tire Smoke?

    Can a stock TDI (01 Golf AutoTranny) get some tire squeal off the line? (Reason for question is below:) So I bought this car used by a lady whose only knowledge about TDIs was that you needed to put Diesel into them. It was maintained by the stealership,everything they recommened, she...
  18. NETHED

    TomTom One in VW

    Yes this is off topic (kinda...) and yes this is a waste of time. But what else is the internet for?! I know, market drones are not to be trusted, but I do have to say that this picture caught my eye. It looks like a VW dash(hence why it is KINDA on topic...), with a guy using a TomTomOne...
  19. NETHED

    Amherst College TDI

    I was driving by Amherst College in Amherst, MA today and I saw a Black Golf TDI in the parking lot. Just saying hello if this is someone from TDIClub. (No, I didn't have any TDIcards with me :rolleyes:)
  20. NETHED

    Oil Filter Housing and magnets?

    More inane questions from NETHED. Sorry in advance Anyway, I was reading up on oils and oil grades, and one site I found mentioned putting magnets around the oil filter to catch any tiny metal particles free floating in the oil. Has anyone done this? Would there be any harm in getting...