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    New A-4 VNT-15 Turbo

    Selling one brand new 2001 OEM VNT-15 turbo for only $999.99. This unit came from VWAG's Engine Plant in Germany amd didn't quite make it to VWoA's Final Assembly Plant in Mexico. -Steve P.S. I may also have a like-new VNT-15 turbo for sale in the near future.
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    Intercooler Pipes Sizing

    Use as close to stock as possible, with the major performance gains obtained via more efficient bends.
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    Mechanical Quantity Adjustment Values?

    With all Engine Adaptations values set to 32768 before reaching the Bosch Injection Center, have the tech mechanically move the Fuel Quantity Adjuster a hair towards the passenger side in order to backoff the pump's cutoff sleeve. On a hot engine, shooting for a leaner setting of 3.2 - 3.4...
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    If I had to do it all over again:

    I'd like to add one more suggestion: Remove the restrictive 1 1/2" snorkel that attaches to the Air Box and replace it with a 3" piece of shop vacuum hose.
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    close tolerance engine?

    In technical terms: It's interference and noninterference or free-wheeling and non free-wheeling.
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    what are your results with amsoil bypass filters?

    cnc-tdi: My personal experience has shown that Amsoil bypass filters perform the following: * Lower the amount of wear metals by one-half or more * Excel in removing contaminants such as soot or condensation * Capacity of filter enables longer intervals and requires less make-up oil than...
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    Delvac-1 Is now bottled for Detroit diesel!

    Nice summary George: The two blower driven Detroit V-8's (I cut my teeth on) used non-detergent straight 30W oil (Union Guard Oil or Chevron Delo 400) and were good engines that ran a long time. Surprisingly, their oil useage was less than the 4-stroke turbocharged 4 & 6 cylinder Cat engines...
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    1/4 mile analysis

    Ensuring Ignition Timing is not excessively advanced or backing it off a little will also improve acceleration - improved response off the line. Also, make sure the Fuel Quantity Adjuster on your Injection Pump is plenty rich too - improved acceleration off the line. I agree that lowering tire...
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    Any harm in "post-dosing" diesel fuel additives?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I agree with the above quote, which is basically why manufactures suggest to add their products before fillups. Before or after isn't the main issue, but keep in mind that for best protection, antigel additives need to be added before wax...
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    PiperCross Panel Filter

    Around $3.10 per 8-oz. bottle.
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    Delvac-1 Is now bottled for Detroit diesel!

    I agree that Detroit has dramatically improved their 2-stroke diesels, but their design still requires the engine to be revved up near full throttle in order to get any torque out of 'em.
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    Garrett turbo

    GoFaster: Since his intake and intercooler need cleaning anyways, how much did you just save this guy over going to the dealer?
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    Parts from how long??

    If your requested order was for a common maintenance item, Impex usually ships it out within 24 hours and delivery can take up to 3 days from coast to coast. As for Amsoil, it literally depends on WHO you're dealing with. My personal orders are typically at my home within 24 - 36 hours...
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    Auto and Standard intake manifolds different??

    FWIW: The new 2001 automatic engine I just purchased did not have an EGR Cooler on it and instead, ran the L-shaped stainless pipe directly from the top of the Exhaust Manifold up to the bottom of the Intake.
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    non TDI question for Amsoil distributors

    Bob: You can also send your inquirey to Amsoil's Technical folks or ask Ted.
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    CI-4 Rating now effective

    Since the original PC-9 requirements were downgraded to satisfy the major oil refineries hunger for profits, I suspect the brands most Forum members are already using may already meet this water-down CI-4 spec. It's no big deal IMHO, but if you have a choice, naturally purchasing the higher...
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    non TDI question for Amsoil distributors

    Here's a little info on Snowmobile Exhaust Power Values: I suspect your machine may be burning more than one quart of oil per 12 gallons of gas and if so, it is exceeding the average mix ratio of 50:1. Monitoring and controlling this via minor adjustments is probably key to correcting...
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    Changing Injection Timing

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I respectfully disagree 100% with the above remarks that are not truthful on the date posted. The learning curve has steepened considerably the last few months in the education and experience department, including knowing what factors alter...
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    VAG tool - Where to get it...

    Send an e-mail to Valois at and he'll hook you up ASAP. His service before / after the sale is outstanding!