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  1. ncroadwarrior

    WTB MK4 Jetta Wagon or Golf TDI

    Ihave a 2004 JSW GLS w/ in the process of getting the pics together for posting, t/belt good til 252k , tasteful mods mostly correcting vw shortcomings. white/tan leather. non smoker. no accidents, all recalls done. rc2, 17 turbo, frank06 stage 2 cam, skid plate, cat 2 mic ff, tint...
  2. ncroadwarrior

    WTB Cargo Cover, Beige ,04 JSW

    mine is sprung, located in eastern NC 28516
  3. ncroadwarrior

    MKIV Jetta Wagon Tan Cargo Cover

    is this still available, i need beige cover for my 04 jsw
  4. ncroadwarrior

    hey Robbie need to talk bro been a while

    hey Robbie need to talk bro been a while
  5. ncroadwarrior

    09a tiptronic shifter not engaging D

    Diesel geek now has the cable end with bushing for 29 bucks it is much better product than mentioned earlier. Diesel geek has a snap ring on top and their bushing is much more robust. its working great
  6. ncroadwarrior

    09a tiptronic shifter not engaging D

    update,... shifter bushing was hollowed out ....this was at the end of the shifter cable where it pops into the shift bracket on top of tranny. took some research but I found a co that sells the bushing by itself . everyplace I went to i was going to have to buy the whole shifter cable to get...
  7. ncroadwarrior

    09a tiptronic shifter not engaging D

    tks OH appreciate you
  8. ncroadwarrior

    09a tiptronic shifter not engaging D

    haven't found any info on this ...2004 JSW 09A tiptronic tranny 187 k pushing button on shifter handle to engage D results in no movement forward...BUT a tiny down move on the shifter toward 4 th engages D and all works good. Tranny says it is in D and dash display also shows D, runs out...
  9. ncroadwarrior

    hey terry, i had to redo my FB page...sent you a friend info...bill

    hey terry, i had to redo my FB page...sent you a friend info...bill
  10. ncroadwarrior

    For Sale 2 MK4 Golf GLS TDIs in Greenville, SC

    glad to see you are still around
  11. ncroadwarrior

    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    Yes I would be interested in a GTG Its been a long time since Chapin and Asheville since I relocated to eastern NC and have stabilized some medical issues , I have no problem traveling as before. I frequent a few facebook sites but not my thing ,
  12. ncroadwarrior

    2002 New Beetle body parts

    do you have decent door cards , need both sides for 99 beetle
  13. ncroadwarrior

    09A torque converter bolts

    contact cool air vw , he does vw trans, located in Kansas city and has a ton of posts on the forums...he would be the go to guy
  14. ncroadwarrior

    FS: MK4 BEW & ALH WAGON/ SEDAN part out NC

    PM sent on white wagon rear door
  15. ncroadwarrior

    Are there any other modded TDIs in Eastern Carolina?

    moved to beaufort nc in june 2018 mildly improved 2004 JSW very few folks around here, like terry states :used to be GTG where everyone helped everyone else, miss those:(
  16. ncroadwarrior

    Any good TDI techs In Hickory NC?

    Daniel grindstaff adw Appalachian diesel works,828-273-8951 yes he is in Asheville, but spot on on tdi, great guy , great work, worth the wait, or delay in contacting him...he is very busy but he will contact you and works mainly by appointment, chase your parts first,,,, has sponsored tdi GTG...
  17. ncroadwarrior

    NC et al TDI’ers

    I will be moving to beaufort pretty soon, will follow up on info
  18. ncroadwarrior

    SC - TDI GTG - 7th Annual Midlands Biofuels/Green Energy Biofuel - June 23, 2018

    thanks Joe I marked this and plan on attending we need this , a lot of catching up to do