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    Need a new transfer pump

    Yeah, it was over $500 cdn for the pump.... I had to research how to get the output line off... Used a small gear clamp for the input side.... I can hear the pump clicking now when it's commanded on, ran it for about 2 mins hoping that would be enough to fill the active tank, but I couldn't...
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    Need a new transfer pump

    Need a new transfer pump.... I think this one has rusted out.... No clicking noises when I run the SCR transfer pump with VCDS....
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    A "What's it Worth" Thread

    I just bought a 2015 Highline TDI (black - manual) with 55K miles on it for $18.2K cdn.... more than I wanted to pay, and it had a couple carfax incidents on it... I was looking for a TDI Comfortline or higher, and the markets pretty thin for manual TDI options...... it's also crazy... It was...
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    Was 2015 the last year in Canada for the Audi A6 TDI and A7TDI?

    Wondering how I would look in one..... I don't see too many on kijiiji or autotrader....
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    Dust Shields

    They do salt here pretty aggressively.... The dust shield itself is in good shape, just wore through somehow where the bolts attach it to the knuckle... Weird
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    Time for tires

    black, round and cheap That's what I look for in a tire for street use... I've run Chinese Sailun winter tires in the winter, and they've been fine....
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    Dust Shields

    2015 Golf TDI - both dust shields have now fallen off the front rotors. Anyone else experience this? I've had dust shields rust off before, but the cars were much older... Not worried, the passenger side started rubbing against the rim about a year ago so I just tore it off, the driver...
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    Best Canadian Source for Parts

    I'm going to give them a call... the guy I've been using for parts - price has been creeping up. I think I've been paying $75 for the last 5L jug of vw dpf rated diesel oil.... I want to measure my brake rotors before getting prices... I think they might still be in spec - wife's q7 needs new...
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    Q7 Vs. the Others (X5, ML350) - Real World Economy

    2011 - pre-fix q7 - about 9.5-10L/100km (70% rural/hiway driving) 2015 fixed q7 with a Malone tune - about the same... I haven't done a pen/paper calculation on it recently...
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    An Article for Buybacks

    Diesel is often a little cheaper than RUG from March to November here in Ontario as well....
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    Changing oil 2013 Q7 - any caveats?

    put the belly pans back on... I think they help with fuel efficiency, aerodynamics etc.... I've done it on the 11 q7 and the 15 q7, and they weren't any different as far as I remember.
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    Another Emissions Recall to correct what was done first.

    wonder if something similiar will come out for the q7 tdi's?
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    TCM Tune

    I believe you're referring to the guy from Clubtoureg that was tuning the 3.0L TDI trannies.... He did a good job... I think he's based out of Pennsylvania and does it on the side.
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    comfort windows

    I did some coding on my mk7 golf, and I would say that $40 would not be out of line for a shop to do it... I did the joker taillight mod on my golf, and it took at least half an hour to go through all the lines... The comfort windows on the golf were relatively easy... maybe 15 minutes?
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    Coolant loss

    Thx Mike, I'm going to UV dye it and take a look around for a leak sometime in the next few weeks/months, I'll report back what I find...
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    Coolant loss

    Coolant warning came back this weekend.... Car just turned 80K km on the odo... I was away from home and added about 500-750mL of distilled water to bring the overflow up to between min/max... I'm not thrilled with the fact that 500-750mL of coolant disappeared in a 5-6week period... Would...
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    job change - working from home...

    re: winter warmup... I'd like to add the electric auxiliary heater to my golf someday.... might be an interesting project... I would need to get a lead on the right connector.... 2015 q7 tdi... - only had it for one winter, and I do not know how it does it, but the dash temperature gauge...
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    job change - working from home...

    Just bought my 2015 Golf TDI 6 spd back in February to replace my 2006 Jetta TDI that I owned for 5 yrs. My work commute was 20K-24K km per year - for the past 7 yrs (I transitioned to part time about 14 months ago) I will be switching to a work a home schedule in the fall with a different...
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    key fob convenience opening windows - went away and came back?

    Thx that worked! I actually held all the windows up for a couple seconds after full close, and the convenience opening is working for now.... Will try them out when I leave for home this afternoon.
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    key fob convenience opening windows - went away and came back?

    I am within range, and don't need the chin trick..... I thought the chin trick was a secret.... Please don't post about it. [emoji12] Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk