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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    The VSS itself might be bad. On mine the little sensor wheel broke off inside.
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    Leaky injector....

    sounds like the injector copper seal is leaking. When it happens on my car I can usually see some soot around the injector too. I used this remove / clean / install guide to fix mine: On my car it seems to like a...
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    What nozzles should I get

    I'd recommend doing the nozzles and tune at the same time. Others have done nozzles without a tune but seeing as you have the turbo, exhaust, and boost pipe upgrades you're already feeling the effects of deviating from the stock setup. Don't forget the 3 bar MAP to go with the tune. I rebuilt...
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    tinting badges

    The VHT will look good, for a short time. It will eventually haze / dull and generally look like crap. Been there, done that with tail lights. I eventually got nightshades to work out by doing a light coat on the inside of the the two piece tail-light lenses on my car: The bottom line is...
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    Any Arizona TDI'ers want to meet up?

    What part of the valley are you in? I have the whole Metalnerd ALH timing belt tool set which includes that counter-hold tool. Are you working on an ALH or a BEW? I don't think you need it for the BEW in your '04.
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    Tinting headlights/adding fogs on golf?

    Be aware that the lower grill ones will likely obstruct airflow to your intercooler on the passenger side. I opted for aftermarket headlights with OEM syle (inside the headlight) Fogs: You can get similar lights for the Golf too.
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    FS: 04/05 BEW PD Parts

    $40 shipped to 85383 for the intake pipe? this part:
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    Can I use the plug in upper radiator hose for a gauge?

    It's connected to nothing. The new hose included the sensor. I brought it up because there seemed to be a question as to whether you'd sample temp there. It seems the OEM did. If I had a plug I'd give you the sensor to size up. My boost EGT is a cheap Glowshift. It also does temp but as...
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    Can I use the plug in upper radiator hose for a gauge?

    I replaced the 'automatic' hose with a new manual one and the manual one has a sensor there:
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    Stock Wheel Choices for 03 TDI Wagon

    I wanted Aristos but didn't want to do 18s. These Golf wheels are my compromise:
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    Show what you tow!

    Usually it is just a matter of the larger tires not clearing the fenders. Taller diameter is generally better across the board for trailers as is slows the rotation speed of the hub and it will raise the trailer height some. just make sure the weight capacity is good (should be fine) and...
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    Replacing turbo. Need help deciding which one.

    I have the 17/22, I wish I'd have gone bigger. I chose the 17/22 because it was 'close' to a plug-n-play upgrade. As it turns out I needed to upgrade the lower intercooler pipe (everything from the turbo to the intercooler). On the inlet side I chose to adapt the stock TIP to the 17/22 inlet...
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    Show what you tow!

    I generally fold mine forward when towing it empty. After having an Escalade drive into it once I've added reflector strips to the vertical braces / rear facing surfaces. If I know I will be in traffic, I leave the gate up.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Topped off the Jetta for $2.33/Gallon. I haven't seen D2 under unleaded for a while!
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    Thinking about swapping 01m to 5 spd.

    I spent 2kish in parts when I did my swap. The big spend for me was the Southbend SMF clutch kit that cost about half what I spent for the take off swap parts. It's also a good time to do the transmission mount / dogbone. I just didn't want do the job over if the take-off clutch or DMF was on...
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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    Thanks again Boertje / CoolAirVW. I entered 00006 (which was already there) and 'Do It!' and it scans clean now.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Filled for $2.49 yesterday. Same price as RUG in Phoenix:
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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    Hey guys, any way to keep the 'Instruments' module from throwing a code for TCU 'no communications' short of replacing the cluster? It isn't causing any issues but it's just annoying to show up in the auto scan with VCDS.
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    Which battery is better

    For data point's sake, I picked up the Autozone AGM (H7) for my '02: