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  1. jonferns

    Oil leak from passenger side. Problem yet?

    Mine has been leaking since 60k miles or so. Not enough to cause a drip, but enough where I need to do some cleaning of the oil pan cover and some other areas at every oil change. Is the leaking front flange covered by the additional dieselgate warranty? I'm at 120k miles, so nearly due for...
  2. jonferns

    FS: Luk DSG Flywheel (BRM), New in Box

    Yes, I'll send you a PM
  3. jonferns

    FS: Luk DSG Flywheel (BRM), New in Box

    Bought this last year but wound up not needing it. Brand new in box, Luk DMF092, OEM PN 03G105266CG. Direct replacement for mk5 BRM, or New beetle BEW. Asking for $320 plus actual shipping. If interested, PM me with your zip code and I will give you a total with shipping included
  4. jonferns

    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    Just passed 100k miles on my '15 Golf DSG. Only "repairs" I've had to do is replace the factory battery (89k) and rear pads/rotors (95k). Lube those rear brake pins once a year to keep the handbrake from hanging up and wearing the rear pads prematurely!
  5. jonferns

    ISO - the CLEANEST 2016 A7 TDI -

    Sent you a PM with a couple of cars that may match your search
  6. jonferns

    Looking for a mk4 (within a few hours of NJ)

    Hi All, I am currently searching for a clean mk4 TDI. My last mk4 was totaled by a distracted driver, and I haven't been entirely happy with the mk6 and mk7 that have replaced it in the interim. Preferably 2003-2006, Golf, Jetta or Jetta wagon (my preference is always a wagon!) - must be manual...
  7. jonferns

    Seals covered under extended emissions warranty?

    Have the same issue on my ‘15 Golf (leaking from crank seal on the timing belt side). Haven’t gone in to VW for a diagnosis. The outcome of your case may change my mind. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  8. jonferns

    Hevster1 - A Great Guy & a Great Mechanic
  9. jonferns

    Front Crank Seal Leak, Covered Under Warranty?

    Hi all, just over 90k and I noticed a small oil leak from my front crank seal (timing belt side). Seems to be a slow leak, no dripping/oil spotting under the car but it soaks into the insulated oil pan cover. Does anyone know if this seal would be covered under the extended emissions warranty...
  10. jonferns

    BRM exhaust odor in cabin, can't figure it out

    To update this thread, replaced the IDparts blockoff plate with a new one from IDparts, new gasket and new copper nuts, and the issue has been resolved.
  11. jonferns

    FS: MK7 Golf Torklift Ecohitch, 2"

    Hi all, I bought this new last year, installed it on my Golf and only used it once to carry a bike rack. Selling this because I do not use it. I can take some photos later today; it is still installed so you can get an idea how it looks. I am located in NJ and can meet up in the tri-state area...
  12. jonferns

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I've got the deAutoLED reverse lights and they're great, really bright. Interested in your thoughts on the tail lights, mainly how the stock halogen bulbs compare to the LED replacements. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. jonferns

    2015 Golf TDI exhaust smell

    If you're smelling exhaust, it is possible the dealer misaligned the turbo/DPF connection during the phase 2 fix. I just had my phase 2 done and smell nothing under the hood with the car running
  14. jonferns

    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    Just had phase 2 performed last week. Dropped my Golf off on Weds morning, and picked it up Friday afternoon. I asked that they not perform the oil change, and that I would return at a later date to have it done as I had recently changed it. Upon pickup I the service advisor indicated that an...
  15. jonferns

    I forgot about the 12/31/18 deadline...

    If you bought a car with phase 1 already applied, you weren't going to get any payment anyway. You can still get phase 2 done after the 12/31 date. I dropped mine off yesterday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. jonferns

    BRM exhaust odor in cabin, can't figure it out

    Let me know how this works out, I too have been unsucessful in finding a cheap smoke machine to either buy or rent.
  17. jonferns

    BRM exhaust odor in cabin, can't figure it out

    I've had a new blockoff plate & gasket in the garage, just need some time to install it. I will update you if this was the cause of the exhaust odor.
  18. jonferns

    Need Good VW Service (CNJ/NNJ/NYC)

    Avoid Open Road VW in Bridgewater. This morning I scheduled my phase 2 fix with Douglas VW in Summit, dropping it off Monday. I have friends who have used their service department in the past with no issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. jonferns

    Phase 2 Fix - Deadline?

    I reached out to my local dealer (which I've had a service issue with in the past), and was told that Dec 31st was the cutoff, and that I would have to pay to have phase 2 done after that date :rolleyes: Contacted another dealer which is a bit further out of the way, but is generally...
  20. jonferns

    Getting a Phase 2 Fix Next Week

    Anyone else hearing this 12/30/18 date? If so, I better get going on phase 2