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    Heavy Duty Skid Plate Belly Pan for 1999.5 Golf

    I will think about shipping it after I look into packaging it and all the time that takes. It's a diamond pattern plate and in good shape.
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    Heavy Duty Skid Plate Belly Pan for 1999.5 Golf

    We no longer have the Golf but I kept the nice diamond pattern aluminum skid plate. I would like to get $50 for it. Call at nine five two 322-4593. I would prefer to sell it local in the Minnesota area. This is only for the plate itself as he didn't take off the other hardware to mount it...
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    He was so talented and young. I feel bad that he could be so unhappy and give up on life. Years ago he did lots of timing belts at our place. I wish we would have stayed in touch as he was a fine young man.
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    A4 fuel door inoperable

    I was able to gently pry the fuel door open using a plastic pry tool. Then my husband disabled the lock mechanism so we no longer have to unlock the fuel door before refueling. This is so much more convenient than having that stupid inside lock and wish we would have done it years ago. Fuel...
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    Issues with a mechanic

    I'll agree with that after our last attempted trip to Atlanta which ended very expensively in Wisconsin. Now I am afraid to drive the TDI outside of my AAA towing radius.
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    Wife couldn't get car to turn over twice???

    Make sure the back hatch is closed tightly. I have had a similar problem numerous times with my 99.5 Golf and the back has bounced open.
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    2000 tdi no start but runs

    I see you have a Jetta so this might not pertain to you but I have had a similar problem when my Golf hatchback wasn't closed all the way. It was dead to starting. Maybe the Jetta has some other interlock.
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    MN Chat Thread

    Does anyone local to the Twin Cities have a lifted Golf--specifically a 99.5? I really would like it higher for the winter. Got stuck in the driveway last year and had a tough time getting the shovel under it. Last winter was tough to be driving a Golf. I mostly had to park it and drive...
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    MK4 rear axle bushing choices

    Well??? Did it make any difference???
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    Loss of boost

    Not sure what your mileage is but you might want to research the symptons of a bad clutch. Mine lasted about 230K (5 speed).
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    MK4 rear axle bushing choices

    Yatzee--We have owned the car since it had 40K and now has 250K plus. I think the bushings were original but nothing was wrong with them at all. We discovered that since the car is a 99.5 it has the old style suspension and that may be the difference and a better quality bushing. I just...
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    After rear beam, shocks, and mounts, still clunks!

    I don't know how many miles you have on yours but we finally got some relief from the clunking back there by installing new rear springs. We had basically done everything you have, except we went through two sets of shocks. The first was from NAPA so I thought they were crap. However, the...
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    Brakes don't work in reverse

    That hose was a problem for my braking. We glued it up but eventually got a uncracked used one. Another area of vacuum leak that affected my brakes similarly to yours is right at the vacuum pump port. It was poorly designed at the outlet so that the outlet post that you clamp to would spin...
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    MK4 rear axle bushing choices

    There has been no improvement in ride or handling since replacing these bushings in my 1999.5 Golf with 250K miles. When we got it apart to look at the bushings, they looked fine. Just saying that my time and money was wasted in case others want to learn from my mistake.
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    Loss of boost

    Check your vacuum pump outlet to make sure it's not loose and turning so that you are losing vacuum. It's an easy, cheap check. Years ago I had a severe loss of power but it would go into limp mode. Then it was the MAF that was shot.
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    Coil Spring Replacement?

    I found that the wagon springs won't work on my 1999.5 Golf GL as they don't fit in the spot. I think those that are working have the GLS model of Golf. So now I have to return those. Got a great deal on them at Advanced Auto using a $35 off 100 coupon including free shipping. Now I can...
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    Jacked up my Jetta!

    Thanks for the reply. What I have learned is the my 1999.5 GL Golf has a different rear axle build that the newer ones and perhaps different from the GLS model. The rear axle trailing arm on mine hits against the wagon springs and doesn't allow them to sit in the retention areas. The old...
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    Changing rear axle bushing, bolt won't come out because it hits fuel tank

    It seems like a lot of folks are replacing the rear axle bushings seeking a better ride. I read all the posts and hoped it would help my Golf's rough ride. The old bushings looked fine and showed no signs of wear. However, I insisted that we change them anyway--with 250K miles on them and...
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    Lifting an 03 Golf

    This is old but I want to point out that we were unable to fit the wagon rear springs into our 1999 Golf. They were too fat to go into place and rubbed against important metal.
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    Jacked up my Jetta!

    The Moog 81055 springs (supposedly wagon springs) do not fit into the rear of the Golf suspension. The are too fat or wide and rub up against metal on the part behind the wheel hub. We can't see anyway to force them in there. This is to clarify the previous posts regarding Jetta vs Golf...