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    a3 owners?

    Did it go ok?
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    Tint for my new 2012 Jetta TDi

    Sounds like a rip off to me. Mine worked fine
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    Window tinting

    I bet that look good
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    Oil capacity of A3 TDI vs Jetta TDI

    Thanks for the info
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    New Audi A3 TDI owner here

    I miss that car
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    12 A3 TDI vs 12 Jetta TDI MPG

    Pretty cool huh? No I don't have it, it was bought back during the diesel gate
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    12 A3 TDI vs 12 Jetta TDI MPG

    Wow that's pretty good !!
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Turned in my 2012 Audi A3 today and was the first person there. I had all the documents including the buyback offer letter. And I was turning it in on time according to my appointment not early or late etc When she was processing everything it sounded as if she was about to hit the complete...
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    Chase QuickPay and clearXchange pre-buyback set up...

    I received my notification from VW Thanksgiving morning that my papers were accepted for my eligible seller car. A day or so later over the weekend I received the email from Chase. I instantly filled out the forms online which I think was Saturday. Today the money showed up in my Suntrust...
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    Anybody buy a new car already?

    I did the same thing at the same time and picked up the same car at the same time as you too. I also love the Subaru Outback the same as you do !!
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    a3 owners?

    I have an a3 and got my offer yesterday. Signed it today and notarized it and uploaded it tonight.
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    Eligible Seller...

    just sign it and send it in. It will work. It did for me and VW takes it just fine. You don't need a law degree here.
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    Eligible Seller...

    You don't have to have HIS signature. You are the seller so you need a bill of sale with YOUR signature. Surely you have that right? One with the date of the sale on it. VIN number make and model etc. Hint hint. Just make one today and sign it and upload it. You are the seller so sign it.
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    any cars buy back yet?

    I received an email today from the deceased wife of the former Department of transportation in Germany and she advised that she had full control of the buyback accounts. She said if I send her my account data and help her transfer the entire 15Billion settlement she will give me 1% for the...
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    TN says no relief on sales tax of replacement cars

    I wrote the state and made the case for sales tax relief for those of us taking the VW TDI buyback and being left with a purchase instead of a trade in. A few days later I received a nice letter back from the tax office with a prior case listed as proof that there will be no legal relief from...
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    Best value from loyalty card if buyback is likely?

    I bought 2 tires for my other vehicle through the parts department. I first called and told them I needed two tires unmounted and they gave me a price that was about the same as a local dealer. So I had them ordered and then used my VW card. It wasn't quiet enough for the 20" michelin tires for...
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    Current Registration Needed for Buyback??

    Ok Finally got it to work after clearing cookies etc. Thanks
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    Eligible seller's identification period is over

    I logged off everything and cleared cookies and finally I get the questions and was allowed to upload the documents. My bill of sale is from 2013 and looks so faded I can hardly read it. I am sure they can't read it at all after copying it