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  1. TDI321

    Strut brand recommendations, likes, dislikes

    had a surprisingly good result on a friend's higher mileage 2008 Passat 2.0T - just installed the Detroit Axle loaded struts and TRQ rear gas shocks on it with new sway links - it tightened up the car considerably - nice ride. Anyone here have good or bad experiences with the DAs longer term...
  2. TDI321

    Strut brand recommendations, likes, dislikes

    I wonder if lowering it will improve highway handling or if its still floating with pounding. Can you buy and install the “sports suspension” struts on a regular passat without changing other items? Ive not lowered a car before, but in the case of this passat Im considering it.
  3. TDI321

    Strut brand recommendations, likes, dislikes

    The dieselgate impound was unkind to ours. The oems are okay around town - its the highway trips that feel out of control. The soft region of the OEM is exactly what I dont want on the highway.
  4. TDI321

    Strut brand recommendations, likes, dislikes

    btw - back in the day I put BOGE Comp Pro/Turbo structs/shocks on a '88 Cabriolet VW Golf. worth every cent. I was so happy with that brand and valving - im looking to get similar for the Passat. hoping to find similar without creating a one-ton pickup ride. thinking B8 is similar -- your...
  5. TDI321

    Strut brand recommendations, likes, dislikes

    our 2015 diesel gate TDI Passat is only 68K and Im wanting to replace those diesel gate arctic-impounded OEM struts. The $75/strut full-assembly is tempting, but I was unhappy with the resulting ride on my 02 trans am. I see the Kona Active and Billstein B4/6/8 options -- im asking the...
  6. TDI321

    Upgrade 2015 to Billsteins

    I’m not happy with the Sachs factory struts on our 2015 TDI SEL. weak at 11K, now 30K. Sitting for 2 years in compound was not healthy to them. Anyhow, I’m seeking your input into the follow Billstein units for this B7-NMS sedan: B6 Mfg Part # 35-122081 Sport strut. Rod is nearly the...
  7. TDI321

    Best To Downshift, or Ride Brakes Downhill?

    Chinese rotors and pads are way cheap. High compression engines have more engine braking ability than low compression gas engines - TDI is high compression. I’d downshift one gear, leave it there and cycle brakes on and off. Never go crazy with car brakes taking all the stopping. Once...
  8. TDI321

    Major Brake Issues after Caliper / Pad / Disk Change

    Also... when caliper is removed from car but still on the rubber hose. Get the pistons to come out (not the whole way or its a real mess) and use a tooth brush and brake fluid to scrub and clean the outside Diameter of the pistons. If they are dirty and have ridges built up then they wont...
  9. TDI321

    Caliper issues... again

    Power bleed your calipers every 2 years with FRESH VW spec dot4. Ive done this on every car I’ve owned and have never had a caliper stick. On a KTM mud bike with brembo yes, cars- no. Sounds like water or something else got into your system. I would run qts through, power bleeding it (2nd...
  10. TDI321

    Passat Headlights

    LEDs I ordered online. Super bright. I notice trucks flash to me when I’m on lowbeams. But small cars never do.
  11. TDI321

    What oil do you use for your TDI?

    Castro 507 spec gold bottle. $13/qt. Liquid gold. Motor loves it.
  12. TDI321

    Dealership Passat Battery Install

    Btw - after new fuel filter I’m getting 43 at 90. filter looked good at 30K.
  13. TDI321

    Dealership Passat Battery Install

    Vw dealer battery in 2015 tdi Also took our SEL TDI 2015 in for a battery last month to the dealer. ADV auto was similar pricing but since the computer blew a bunch of codes when battery was failing. It lasted 5 years, unless the compound in Ab, MI popped a new battery in it before we got it...
  14. TDI321

    [RNS-510] SD Card Error this is a free SD card formatting program. Yes, the max size is 32gig for FAT32. its not a limitation on the 2015 Passat SEL Nav system with a USB thumb drive plugged into the MDI, but it is on the card slot. 32gig is okay. Mp3 is the bigger...
  15. TDI321

    Discounted TDI oil locator thread

    507 spec castrol synth for the 2015 TDI is about 10.69-10.99/qt at advance auto. 13.99 for the 507 spec pento III locally.
  16. TDI321

    2012 to 2015 Passat roof rack system?

    jck66 -- yes - I got the clear stickers too, not installed yet. but what ive done so far is align the racks and then add dots with a silver sharpie to speed up install. Takes about 5 minutes now. I will eventually install the clear after Im happy with the location. The 480 footpack seems to...
  17. TDI321

    2012 to 2015 Passat roof rack system?

    my mod with this was adding rigid spacers -- it allowed the entire system to allign instantly and took a bit of analysis to determine how to adapt these until the 480 Traverse feet arrive. They are a bit more "tower" now than 480s - but you cant rip these lose from the car. Got 10' swell...
  18. TDI321

    2012 to 2015 Passat roof rack system?

    Got a smoking local deal on a Thule system with bike mounts from craigslist. for the 2015 NMS Thule uses the 1775 kit for the rubber coated claws and rubber feet on a 480 traverse foot system with square bar. but feet on mine were not the 480s so I modified them a bit and took about 2 hours...