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    Time to beat a dead horse. GTB selection for BEW.

    I have one for sale with 16k miles on it. I never got to use because of dieselgate. I was going to compete in Gridlife Time Attack Series with my car in the next class up from the HPDE+ class I was in last year. Send me a text 847-613-0969
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    Thermal blankets and coatings for turbos

    Thats just a barrier to the heat it doesnt actually keep it in the exhaust. Hot exhaust flows faster than colder exhaust. You want the highest exhaust velocity possible before you start creating too much of a restriction. Coating the piston tops, combustion chambers, valve faces and exhaust...
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    DAP and LP?

    what are you talking about?
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    Audi with new motorsport strategy: Formula E instead of WEC

    LOL i wonder if this is where VAG is spending that $2+billion dollars the Federal court is making them spend on electric/hybrid development
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    MK7 CP3 Teaser

    This thead probably just needs to be locked there isnt a single piece of useful info in these 5 pages.
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    Need more power

    theres no point in wasting the money on cr190 turbo if the end goal is gtb2260. Spend the money once spend the money right.
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    Need more power

    the next thing to do would be to upgrade to the GTB2260. Only thing to do in the mean time is water/meth.
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    Convert edc15 car to edc16

    can you link direct to the product. I am having a hard time navigating through the German
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    parked Jetta

    Weekly is probably best. Maybe take it out once a week for an errand. Just getting it up to temp parked doesnt keep the brakes or tires in good shape.
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    Wheels <18" for Comfort & Fuel Efficiency

    Some 16x7 rpf1's should weigh in at 13.70lbs. Probably the lightest wheel you can get for the money. Ive got 18x8 RPF1's on my MK6 and they weight in at 18.00lbs. The 17x7.5 weigh in at 15.25lbs.
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    Should I junk or part out my 2001 jetta

    if its a rust free car its worth probably $1500-2000 in the midwest or east coast AS-IS
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    Gotta beat my wife in a race

    Just leave on 1. Remember a chase is a race.
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    Gotta beat my wife in a race

    If she spots you out a bus length or lets you throw a tennis ball you might have a shot. If you want any chance you'll need a big shot of NOS and crank the fuel up with the evry mod. Probably have a tow truck ready at the end too.
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    2.0 tdi pd bw s356v

    spool at 6k sure
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    2010 Owners Getting Hosed!

    You are aware that is a generation change right? 2010 jetta is mk5. 2011 is mk6
  16. D entered in NH Lemon race

    Hmm If only I had the spare cash for seat time. Planning on doing any events in the midwest?
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    Gasoline Volkswagens

    Whatever vehicle you are considering do research on. Actively search the Internet for the info you're after.
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    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Me. I am waiting for a fix. if no fix I'll take buy back on dec 1 2018