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    biodiesel in North America vs. Europe

    Other difference European basestock is usually rapeseed while US is soy based.
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    How much more drag from splash guards?

    Yup Mudflaps will add about an average of +0.010 to the Cd of the car.
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    July 9th mid-michigan GTG for Gewilli

    I believe that Saturday is the opening day for the Fowlerville fair so there may be increased traffic.
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    Audi TT Aluminum Wheels & Tires FS

    Fatman, sent you a PM but it didn't go thru. Reduced price to $425. Wheels have enough scratches and chips to need to be redone even though they look good from 20 ft.
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    Audi TT Aluminum Wheels & Tires FS

    Yes, I had them on my 2000 Golf. I think they are the widest tires that can be bolted on . One tire did rub slightly on one front strut, probably under hard rights. The tires are slightly shorter than stock.
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    Audi TT Aluminum Wheels & Tires FS

    Hi, a set of four OEM Audi TT wheels with Sumitomo 225/45ZR17 tires. Tires still have most of the original tread depth left, outstanding handling/stopping with a decent ride. Wheels have scratches in the original powdercoat and really should be redone. No center caps. $450, pickup near...
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    How bad will a wing hurt fuel milage???

    Weight effect on fuel economy is way over-rated by most peoples best guessing unless they start with a light car and do a majority of city driving. Combustion efficiency is the #1 factor in fuel economy. VW probably underestimates their Cd's slightly. .030 is very good. In real conditions...
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    How bad will a wing hurt fuel milage???

    The decklid "wings" may actually help your mileage slightly. The ones you reference are close enough to the decklid that air does not flow underneath as you would expect - so they do not function as wings. Rather they work by raising the effective height of the decklid in relation to the rear...
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    Thread for B20 locations?

    I lost the link to the B20 fueling stations - where is it? The Golf sure does run smoother, quieter, and I think it has more power with B20
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    Alma GTG brake jobs and Hondo, any problems?

    Jay, Busy and out of town for awhile... The rear brakes are fine, work just about as good as new. Still have a grinding noise from the rear brakes when the car has sat for awhile especially when exposed to wet conditions. Did this since it was new, even though the car is always garaged. I'd...
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    roof rack and mpg

    Its very disheartening to see how little aerodynamic and wind noise development is typically done on most roof racks. The aftermarket crossbars with a square cross-section are terrible. Its possible to design racks which are quiet and have little impact on fuel mileage.
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    GTG in Alma, Michigan, Follow-up to Lew's -- Late March??

    Re: GTG in Alma, Michigan, Follow-up to Lew\'s -- Late March?? May I add another brake bleed - Golf? I can bring fullup Vagcom installed on laptop with cable, MetalNerds TB tool set, plus whatever whatever else is needed? Any B20 available in the area?
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    BioDiesel Price Increase in SE Michgan

    Does Wacker sell full strength B100 in Manchester?
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    Delvac 1 and Premium Diesel in SE Michigan

    Yes, I talked to the owner of the Amoco. He said he had to raise the price for the good stuff - its $1.57 or 1.59 now. I have the Vag-com cable and also the belt tools from Metalnerd. But so far have not downloaded the Vag-com software.
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    Delvac 1 and Premium Diesel in SE Michigan

    The new Amoco station in Brigton on old 23 and Hilton now is supposed to have real 50 Cetane Premium, according to the owner. Previously they were carrying Marathon diesel with a Cetane of 45.
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    99.5 Golf TDI quits in puddle of Oil&Water.

    So should the water pump be R&R'd at the 60K mile timing belt change?
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    Importance of Diesel Fuel Cooling

    The cowl seal is placed there to prevent fumes from the engine compartment entering the passenger area. Generally not a good idea to remove this part. If a person were to place a thermocouple on or about the fuel pump or one of the fuel lines, which area would be the best indicator of fuel...
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    Some comments: Lowering the car, figure about 0.010 Cd for each inch. Altering the ride attitude (front/rear ride height relationship) with the nose down, some vehicles such as the Jetta sedan would probably be better since the rear deck height would be effectively be higher. Would help the...
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    Edmunds slams TDI...again

    Edmund who? Why read trash? Add about 10% to the above mentioned Cd numbers. Some advertising type is blowing smoke with these figures. The new bug is more like 0.41 and maybe 0.39 with the rear "spoiler". From what I heard the VW aero engineers were mightly upset with the NB. The designer...
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    TDI performance when pulling...tent-trailer...

    I frequently pull a trailer. So far the weight of the trailer has not been much of an issue, but then I drive in predominately non-mountain areas. I have probably pulled up to 1400 lb with no problems on a 5X8 foot single axle trailer. However I do have wood sides that install on the trailer...