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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Thinking how much shops are getting for TB replacement I should start doing them on the side!
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    Mk7 starts then dies immediately

    Have heard of crank sensors failing, you might want somebody with a good scan tool or VAG com scan it
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    Adblue issues.

    Had that happen to me a few months ago. Got the 300 mile warning, code for adblue level sensor. Knowing it was about half I added a gallon, went down the road turning the wheel hard left and right and did a re-set, code or warning has not come back. I hear the tanks have been on backorder for a...
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    Start/Stop feature

    Initial start up your usually using more fuel and causing more emissions in that initial couple of seconds than if you idle for 20 seconds IMO
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    Start/Stop feature

    I'm with you, the most annoying feature ever. Spend a hundo to get a autostop eliminator for my wifes new Bronco that way you don't need to turn it off every time you re-start
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    Oil leak from passenger side. Problem yet?

    I'm close to 200K and noticed mine leaking as well as the front cover gasket for the DSG trans. I'm getting a drip but so far nothing to the belly pan, just soaked up in the oil pan cover matting. Used pig matt and soaked up all the oil in the matting and I will see the next LOF if I have to...
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    2005 passat reverse issue

    Yeah, D drum is way down. Did mine on my 05 along with converter rebuilt during engine rebuild
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    2005 transmission question

    If serviced they are fairly well built trans with the exception of the TC. Had a few re-built at Erriksons for $250 but no shipping for me since I'm only about 25 miles from there facililty
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    Bad Serp Tensioner or Bad Alternator Pulley?

    sounds like alt pulley to me
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    Catch can?

    I guess I'm just lucky. 170K and I end up adding 1 qt in 10K,,,,,half at a time
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    waiting for your first 100 miles to see what happens
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    Should I fix my 2005 Passat Wagon with 220k miles?

    I wish my daughters 05 was still around. Near 250K and it still looked like and rode/ran like a 50K car. Loosing it was not my choice, it protected our daughter when she ran off the road and 4 air bags blew and she walked away.
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    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    It was covered by dieselgate warranty. Came as a kit, the dealer I brought it to had no clue about it happening. I spoke to another dealer and the tech said it happened to him after replacing a belt on a 15 golf as well.
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    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    I just had found the torque specs, the rest is kinda self explanatory if you've done them before, buy the correct tool set and let er rip
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    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    One good thing about doing the belt,,,,,,gained about 2mpg and the engine comes to a nice idle much quicker than before. I did do the air filter and fuel filter as well but the air filter was relatively clean.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Well I can assure you I did not remove hard pipes, hoses or connectors. You simply have to remove the bolts for hard pipe attached to the upper timing cover.
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    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    One of my two sensors completely melted, connector to that sensor and hose had molten plastic on it. I was talking with the tech in his bay and he got it as a whole assembly, hoses, both sensors and mount/cover with a pig-tail. Leads me to believe it happens more often then people think
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    Timing belt change, 15 Golf

    I don't see it as a coincidence and I did it right with all the right tools, procedures so I"m baffled. We are not the only two people this has happened to.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Trying to figure out why it happened. I really don't think it's anything to do with the belt change in regards to the actual physical replacement of the belt. Has to be something with having the battery cables off for a day along with possible changes from a stretched belt to a new belt.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    It was fixed by the dealer under the extended policy. The sensor came with both sensors, mount, cover and hoses along with a repair harness that was spliced in.