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    2002 Jetta TDI for Sale in Cambridge Ont.

    322,000 KM's, 85% highway commuting to and around GTA. Dark green, black cloth interior, cruise,air, heated seats and mirrors. 5spd manual, VR6 clutch, dieselgeek short shift, .205 injectors, upsolute stage 2, boostvalve protected, Zerostart coolant heater, EGT gauge, trailer hitch. Door...
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    Sway bar bushing replacement interval

    I have changed mine twice at a 120000km interval. Majority of my driving is highway, not sure if this makes a difference or not.
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    Stuck transmission fill plug!

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I am going to give the penetrant a chance to do its job. I have a new plug and strangely enough the replacement is no longer a hex but a tamperproof torx. (at least I think its a torx) Anyone have any idea what size it is?? Part #012-301-127-F, which is...
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    Stuck transmission fill plug!

    The fill plug on my transmission appears to be hopelessly stuck. I have tried all the tricks I can think of including heat and several different penetrants with no luck. Due to repeated attempts the hex fitting is now pretty much stripped. I had the OEM fluid changed to MTL at 130000 kms and...
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    Brake Wear: Front vs. Rear

    My rear brakes appear to wear at about twice the rate as the front. I do mostly highway and have 207000 KMs. The rear pads and rotors were replaced at 125K when I did the timing belt. At that time my front pads were at about half life. Judging by the current wear I will need new pads and rotors...
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    Air conditioning throbbing vibration

    Mine does this as well and I believe its the cooling fans. I have opened the hood with AC on and these fans really move some air. Amazingly, even when towing a trailer, the only time my cooling fans have ever run is when the AC is on so this gets noticed as an AC issue. This certainly says a lot...
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    Great Shopping Experience with RedRotors

    I bought my 205's from Marc as well, great service.
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    oil consumption?

    Since switching over the winter to Exxon XD 0W-40 from Duron 5W-40 my oil consumption went up from about 1 litre per 10,000 Mi to just over 1-1/2 lits. No leaks, some ends up in my bypassed CCV catcher and the rest goes past the turbo seal. I consider the consumption with 5-40 normal but the...
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    01483code help

    01483 Activation of rear lid remote unlocking Undefined switch position Faulty wiring or connectors - Check wiring and connectors using wiring diagram Let me know if you need the wiring diagram, I should be able to send it to you.
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    Golf Stalls Help!!

    Many dealers will give you a blank stare if you say relay 109 even though it is printed right on it. Most of them call it the main power relay, part # 1J0906381A.
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    Jetta TDI: Fuel Indicator Never Shows Full

    Its quite possible your gauge needs to be recalibrated. I had the same issue on my 2002 and went back to the dealer after a few tanks. They said that the gauge is sometimes not set right from the factory. Once recalibrated it goes to the F even when shutting off after the first click. When...
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    CEL ,any scanners in the woodstock area

    There is a 'how to' on testing and replacing the glow plugs. I have a multimeter if you want to check them on the weekend. You need a 10mm deep socket and extension, I have one somewhere in my kit. Although not necessary it is sometimes best to replace all 4 at the same time. Frisco Auto parts...
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    CEL ,any scanners in the woodstock area

    I'm in Cambridge, if no else gets back to you let me know, I can come by on the weekend.
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    Snow storm today, how'd you make out?

    Re: Snow storm today, how\'d you make out? On the way home on 401 west around Guelph a guy pulling about a 26 ft rv with his pick up did a 180 about 8 car lengths in front of me. One moment all was fine, the next the truck did a small fishtail and then it was comming around, and it was almost...
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    I believe what the officer means is that he does not have enough evidence to lay a charge that would stand in court but his belief that the other driver was at fault opens the door for your insurance company to pursue him for repairs to your vehicle. I may be wrong but no fault means that your...
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    SACHS or LUK flywheel

    Pretty sure it would be a Sachs, my 2002 is. Do a search, somewhere there is a post when Luk was phased out and Sachs came in, I think mid-year 2001, maybe 2000. A 2002 with a Luk would be rare.
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    Timing Belt Change in GTA (Toronto)

    Try Techmax on Tomken Rd and Meyerside in Mississauga. They do a fair number of them for Wurth across the street who use TDI's in their fleet. Price might be a bit more than some but they will take the time to do the job right.
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    PetroCanada Vs. Shell?

    Unless i have no choice I have always filled with Sunoco Gold. But a short discussion with the station attendant a week ago left me wondering if its always Gold in their tank. While filling my tank he asked why I always use Gold and I said "because its the best stuff, the cetane etc.". His...
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    Another Clutch Question

    Just checked a bit more and G60 was also on 93-2000 VR6 Jetta (AAA 2.8 engine) and 92-97 VR6 Passat (AAA 2.8 engine)
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    Another Clutch Question

    As best I can tell from looking at ETKA, 228mm flywheel G60 #028 105 269B was used on 1.8/2.0 lit Corrado 89 to 95, 95 to 97 TDI Passat, 97 to 99 TDI A3 Jetta. I didn't check the golf. The following pressure plate and clutch disk was the same for VR6 Jetta and Passat 96-99. Pressure plate 021...