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    AdBlue topping-up question.

    The system that monitors volume is inaccurate at best ...a limited number of zones as opposed to actual volume.... really only used in the warning system to was only made accurate enough for it's intended purpose. So just add till full. It's the reason bulk def is common. Yes you can...
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    Fans Running After Engine Shut-Off (DPF?)

    It's not an ideal situation....both from the DPF or the battery situation. To put it simply the fan is running to try to keep parts of the car under the hood cool because the Regen has been interrupted and the heat could damage things. My simple trick was, with the car warmed up, ac off, just...
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    Another one bites the dust....

    My 2015 Jetta TDI Se with about 78,000 miles, just a day after getting its 80k service done with new bushings met it's official end today (a week after the initial accident)after being declared a total loss. It was struck last Tuesday by a driver who failed to stop at a 4 way driving a Porsche...
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    Fuel additive mix ratio

    Some people never changed their oil...yet the car runs.....same for struts..etc ..most aren't so lucky
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    Stripped air filter cover threads - need advice

    In my experience the cabin filter was a pain...but doable with a couple video on utube... honestly some filters are better than others ..the old dealer installed one was a bit stiffer and easily removed, but the Mann filter I was installing was a less stiff and much harder to slide in. Plastic...
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    Fuel additive mix ratio

    Having spent a decade at one point driving a tractor trailer...I would disagree. Seasonally fuel changes and sometimes you get a batch that's out of season, has sat or has other issues. Fuel filters get changed much more regularly, especially in northeio America when dealing with diesel fuel...
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    Fuel additive mix ratio

    I typically splash in a bit with a funnel....some people get really anal about it, just pick one you like that does the things that worry you. Typically getting a big bottle and a small one works so you can refill it and save a few $... Just check the bottle for the recommended ratio...then...
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    Seeking Advice on Stuck Clutch Pedal

    If you have never driven a diesel, the sound change as you increase load can be something that can catch you by surprise...but just look at the long as the RPMs stay the same for the same mph, it's just doing its thing.
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    “Premium” DEF

    DEF is DEF... Technically it's called a fungible product, with no discernable differences between brands, etc as long as it meets the standards. Is it possible some brands do "value added" versions like a better pour spout? More convenient box? Sure, VW has special bottles etc...
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    Horrible trunk leaks

    Have you adjusted the rubber bumpers on the trunk to make up for wear if the rubber weather stripping? Good first thing to try... They rotate to make them taller or shorter
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    Adaptive Headlight Failure

    I would look closely at the plugs and pins in the connectors if you haven't done it yet...they might look perfect but a slight bend, but if corrosion or assembled on a Monday...... similarly for connecting and unplugging them ... Hopefully it was the first step and in my skimming of the posts I...
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    Substantial Changes with Different Oil

    And folded you laundry!!
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    Spare parts to keep on hand

    With regular MX.....think anything unforseen is pretty random. That having been said, I have usually found a way to carry a full size spare tire and maybe a fuel filter, a bottle of ps911 emergency meltdown (more if I see a fellow driver gelled up), fluids and my fuel additive of choice...
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    R56 Mini Cooper TDI Swap? Anyone try it?

    Have friend in Worcester Mass that runs/owns a mini centric garage....have seen quite a few engines out of mini's...honestly mini engine are some of the most compact I have least till the 3rd gen mini's with true BMW motors. VW TDI's (at least the ones we see in Noth America) are big...
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    R56 Mini Cooper TDI Swap? Anyone try it?

    Funny feeling size is your issue... Know going back the my r53 mini days, the engine bay was small enough that swaps usually weren't even a thing
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    TDI advise

    You MUST tune it out...extra fuel is added for Regen...if not tuned out correctly you will melt your rear bumper. As for an will go from m no smell, no smoke to a old diesel truck smell with a bit of soot/smoke depending on the tune's aggressiveness and their at least...
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    ///// How loud is your car ? / sound deadening /////

    If the noise is mostly from the rear... check the exhaust.... sounds like you have a drone... A resonator will do more to help you than adding 50 pounds of sound absorbing/deadening. Just my take...
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    Had it with the ABS.

    The world has moved in from soldering largely... Now it's conducive glue.... It's like using super glue now...just conducting Real reason was low lead solders would grow hairs, crystal structures overtime, that would cause shorts. Silver was too $$ so the fix was conducting glue essentially
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    Debated doing exactly that with an empty bottle of gas treatment....but realistically I thought if I still need a funnel of some type to push open the flapper so not to dribble it around the filler, why bother... doesn't need to be that accurate...and using 2x with the winter one is a common...
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    Think it was basically a rule created cause so many people would mention the name then also be a dealer....MLM was/is part of the AMSOL sales it seems...and some people online were a bit too commercial in pushing it a separate area it got....they could talk ..but kinda kept others from...