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    2004 BEW Jetta Wagon new battery(June) yet after 2 days not running voltage drops under 10v.

    Hello all. New user to boards, very informative. Have a 2004 BEW that only keepsenough charge in the battery for day. Other posts have TDI matrix for Parasitic drain, and will look into all of the suggestions. The vehicle has 645,000km and is running fine otherwise. Is anyone familiar with...
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    2015 CVCA oil pan gasket leaking

    So, a gasket was leaking and instead of the dealer going to bat on behalf of their customer with a warranty claim to re-seal the [front crank], they replaced the relatively easy and less expensive oil sensor. I think you need to find a new VW dealer to sell you a car at.
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    New VW diesel engine

    So, in 2023, where is this new VW Diesel engine being delivered to? It only was announced in 2017-2018, and it now has been 5+ years. The DW (Deutche Welle[Germany World] article references the excess pollution over the prescribed limits as set then, and using the Worldwide death figures. it...