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    BEW anti stutter valve throttle regulating flap $80

    not 6 months old, from VW its $300 to buy these too
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    BEW turbo actuator $40

    have an OEM turbo actuator , Was procured from Southern state, not rusted.
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    Low profile rear headrests for Mk6 Mk7 Golf black leather $60

    no rips tears etc, pins are a touch over 116 mm across If you want to confirm. Ad on the vortex also till I fig how to attach a pic
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    Ontario to Florida - Road trip stops?

    I81 down to Roanoke and the 77 / 26 to the 95, after dark on the 77 and 26 isnt fun with headlights in your eyes, do it twice a yr , and you will pass Deutz auto parts too
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    Didn't see this coming - EPA shift

    saw a video this week Guy saying new diesels are sucking the DEF at 2-3 times the rate of older generations, That will hinter prospects of new TDI's for us
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    15 TDI golf just out at Largo LKQ

    red auto hit on front but there might be something someone needs
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    rough idling engine could be brake booster especially in rust belt.

    could be Know the booster came from a bew car for the fix..
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    rough idling engine could be brake booster especially in rust belt.

    just went through rough idling issue, Mechanic mentioned be saw it a couple times in rust belt cars Bottom of booster rusts and pin hole letting the engine suck air vs putting a vacuum against the diaphragm. so pinch off the hose feeding the booster and see if idle clears up...
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    Sensors etc worth getting at a local Upick

    cousin saying a 15 Jetta tdi is at the local upick so wondering if any things are worth pulling to have as spares in the future as stuff is cheap
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    FS OEM BEW turbo/VNT manifold and pipes.

    I have a couple month old BEW turbo /actuator VNT manifold. Its OEM not a rebuild. plus the EGR and drain pipes. $900 Can Located in Canada (NS) can ship I was into it for nearly $2900 after tax . have some other near new stuff too for the BEW cars. Its listed on Kijiji on Nova...
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    New Castrol oil?

    Thx I just emailed Castrol to get a SKU etc so we can search and be sure we are getting the right one..
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    New Castrol oil?

    k thanks sniffing around and seeing even if old stock out there
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    New Castrol oil?

    question, seeing the Edge oil in the gold 5l jug is now $49 at Walmart vs $23 in May, and Castrol's site shows a new black jug with the identifier K after the spec , anyone know if thats the replacement oil now ...
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    BEW turbo drain line $40

    removed it in 2009 from Texas car cleaned and bagged up ever since. pic here I cant ever fig how to attach on here .
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    2015 TDI 2.0 additional performance mods?

    I put ceramic pads on the day I buy the cars. I might put the Koni new version FSD shock on when these wear, I had them on my Mk4 and they were perfect
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    2015 TDI 2.0 additional performance mods?

    Best by far Mod to do on a VW s a rear sway bay..
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    anti freeze drain procedure

    anyone try it? no drain on mine, I disconnected the lower hose and it barely drained anything worth calling it a replacing of old fluid..
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    FS rear low profile headrests in grey leather for Mk6

    close second
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    FS rear low profile headrests in grey leather for Mk6

    man for the life of me I cant fig how to add a pic