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    TDI Tranny Fluid Change Kit (home made), Allyn, WA

    I have a home-made set-up for changing the DSG tranny fluid in the '08 Jetta. I'm not burdened with the car or the ex any longer :p Added a pic to my signature line :-) Asking $25,000......hey, it was expensive to get rid of the car and the ex that came with it! :eek: Ok about $10...
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    Michelin Primacy MXV4 vs Pilot Exalto A/S

    I just put a set of MXV4's on the '09 Jetta at Costco today. Drove home (15 miles), so nothing to report except they were sure a lot quieter that OEM Bridgestones!
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I put some new shoes on the '09 Jetta Sedan. Michelin Primacy MXV4's :)
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    Me too....THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! :)
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    Jetta TDI under investigation for fuel leaks

    Had ours done as well. Tech also mentioned our ECM needed a reflash for updates....any one else heard of this, or had it done (and if so, what changed?) Dave
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    Trusted mechanic needed in Nor-Cal

    I'd look for a new boyfriend at the shop in Sacramento too :-)
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    What idiots at a shop can do to your TDI

    Shop observations There's a tranny repair shop across the street where I work......two things I've learned from having that shop over there: 1. I know what type of car not to buy 2. I know how they treat the customer's cars (hot rodding them)
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    1980 Dasher 1.5L Timing Belt & other stuff...

    I didn't feel much of a ridge....are you suggesting I re-use the bearings that are on the connecting rod's......I was thinking of just buying a set of original spec new ones if the crank mic's out at whatever it should be.
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    New diesel addition 89 Jetta

    :eek: WOW!
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    New diesel addition 89 Jetta

    How many miles on it (gear oil)?
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    Diesel noise/cold start handle

    I didn't even know about the cold start knob on the '80 Dasher I'm working sounded quite loud at start-up too....can't wait to see what it will sound like once I get it back together! I think texcl has it identified for your noise.
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    1980 Dasher 1.5L Timing Belt & other stuff...

    Ya know, I was thinking about doing rings, and crank bearings.....and a quick hone of the cylinders. I did that to a Kubota L295DT last Winter. Dropped the head and flywheel off at Action Automotive in Shoreline, WA yesterday. They said the head looked really good....just getting it...
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    1980 Dasher 1.5L Timing Belt & other stuff...

    Finally had a few hours off.....decided to get the motor pulled so I can get the clutch/TO Bearing replaced soon. Think a good 'ol cleaning is in order too!
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    83 rabbit 1.6 low compression

    What kind of shape is the Bug in? Not an expert on the diesel motor....but it sounds like there is something significantly wrong....and not wanting to replace/rebuild the motor - I would have to pass.
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    1980 Dasher 1.5L Timing Belt & other stuff...

    Since this is a new vehicle to the owner, I wanted to see what the cylinders/valves/pistons looked like.....there was a thought of doing a complete rebuild....bearings and rings etc etc....but since things look fine, I'm just going with the head rebuilt, IP rebuild, clutch stuff changed out, and...
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    1980 Dasher 1.5L Timing Belt & other stuff...

    Thank You guys......! I'm going to take the pump and head off today.....marking the pump pulley before I remove it (identifying the smaller hole to line-up with the mount). More pictures this afternoon I hope....