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    Urea in 2012 Passat

    I filled it today with 3 gallons VW adblue! It was asking me on the display for refill with 1,400 range still.. Those 2 adblue bottle with of a 2,5 gallons and other of 1/2 gallons with the neck connector to properly dispense into the adblue tank cost me $15 for both. Also I did myself this...
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    Dreaming of a TDI SEL

    I can recomend Lewisville VW at SH 35 at Fox St in Lewisville, TX. Great people. Let me know if you need their info.. I have good relation with them so, I have bought 7 cars from them...
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    Installing radar detector, laser jammer

    This was my first mod.. If you can call it a mod... I have a Passport 9500 ix hardwire. I did it myself from the fuse box in the driverside inside the car, right there where you open the door in the dash... Using a regular black telefono cable.
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    When are the 2013's introduced?

    2013 specs are out already. 2013 models begin rolling in July. Check to check out the whole specs. Only change so far is rear view camera in the SEL Premium and rear AC vents in SE and SEL trim levels...
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    Paddle shift?

    You only need to get is a V6 SEL Premium steering wheel. Part number No. 561-419-091 HE74. Go to the VCDS and add paddle shifter. That is. Changing the steering wheel is easy. It has be done in several B7 NA Passat TDi. Steering wheel cost around $800. Check to see how to do it...
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    Rear Seat Pass Through

    Jajajaja sorry but you made me laughs !!!! LOL
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    new to SD cards and music all know that you can have your music from itunes in MP3 format if you want. If you rip a CD into itunes you can chose the file format to transfer the song to your mp3, AAC, or etc.. Or if you buy a song or a whole LP you can convert the into mp3 files in few seconds... I...
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    Literature and cd show that update has to be done if you have 2625 or 3680. The final SW will 3690. If you want to activate the DVD-in-Motion after you take our car o the dealer to install the new SW 3690 let me know. I can mail you mine but I only ask that you mail it back to me the same cd...
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    Nav worth it?

    I love my RNS-510 and all the audio/NAV/phone integration. One reason I got this car was all that a SEL Preimum has. 1-VW 2-MPG 3-NAV, phone and audio integration(DVD plays back, Preimum audio, bass, etc) 4- Car size overall (rear seat space)
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    You can have the DVD-in-motion actives with a software to override the speed from 5 to 225 MPH. It cannot be done thru Vag-com. I have it actived since I got my car last October. Even dvd in motion works fine after installing this Friday the new software flash firmware SW-3690 (my car came with...
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    "DIESEL !" warning label

    Here are the pictures..
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    Spare Tire

    No it des not come with a full spare . I got an extra 18" OEM Britol wheel from the dealer as gift and I purchased a tire for it. Installed on the trunk spare space and fit just fine...
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    "DIESEL !" warning label

    I did order 3 of these. Also I installed a reflective sticker. I will post a pic later. Here the link..
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    Spare Tire

    I have a 18" with Bristol OEM wheel as spare tire. It fit fine.
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    Anyone leasing through VWFS?

    TDI SEL Premium $500 per month. 12K miles per year or unlimited miles with no penalty if I lease or buy any new VW at the end of the lease. $0 down 48 months lease Extended services and warranty during my lease time (48 months) Done thru VWFS on October 2011
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    Young Children and seats for 3 in the rear

    3 of these will fit fine at the rear bench. That what i use for my kids.
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    Leather DSG Shift Knob?

    I installed the wood shift knob. Same wood color and tone of our TDI SEL Premium. Looks great, classy, nicer and much better. Actually my TDI SEL Premium came with leather shift knob too. You can see my pictures and other member that have done the same mod in this tread...
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    I got this email from vw any body else ?

    Yes, it sound like a scam. I won't do it and I will be traveling those days any way.. To good to be true..
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    I got this email from vw any body else ?

    Dear Volkswagen Customer, This is Anita Sinclair, CEO of Hagen/Sinclair Research. We have been asked to contact VW CUSTOMERS that are VOLKSWAGEN DIESEL VEHICLE ENTHUSIASTS in regards to a PAID CUSTOMER STUDY that may be of interest to you. The topic is DIESEL VEHICLES and VW wants to owners of...