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    OZ Allegerita HLT Matte Graphite Silver Rims / Pirelli Cinturato All Season Tire Sale

    I have a set of rims/tires for sale I put in on ebay if you are interested pleas send me a PM here on the forum , or ebay. This set was installed on my 2013 TDI passat SEL , last week vw take back my car , so i have a few toys for sale . in the next few days I Will update this post with all...
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    2013 TDI SEL Passat (NMS) Flywheel part number

    Hi Guys ! I need a little help :) Can anyone direct me to the right part number for the 2013 TDI SEL Passat (NMS) DSG Flywheel ? I got confused... I found this one ,03L105266DL but some another site says it just for manual transmission ... some says it for DSG ... Another one here...
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    "New" 2.0L TDI in '15 Passat
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    Injector for 2013 passat tdi SEL , Part Number: 03L130277R ; 03L130277N

    what is the different between this two injector both listed for the passsat 2013 tdi as a replacement part ? ( Part Number: 03L130277R ; 03L130277N ) would you take the newer one or pay less fol the older one ? what i know is : 03L130277N is the previous part number to 03L130277R Local dealer...
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    Removing Fuel Injectors

    my passat TDI sel had a same problem , oil leak from the valve cover area... The gasket has been replaced , but it did not fixed the problem... Had to remove 2nd time , after very close inspection , we found out , there was a very small crack on the valve cover itself ...
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    Keyless entry intermittent failure

    I have a 2013 NMS Passat TDI SEL with keyless entry. It has recently started to intermittently fail to unlock the door with a touch of the driver side door handle. Locking all the door with the a touch of handle on driver side is working fine , except the driver side door is not locking at all ...
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    13 passat p0087 and p0191 please help

    i had the same problem with my 2013 tdi sel ... Andrew from this forum pointed me to the right direction :) This is what finally fixed my "p0087 fuel rail/system pressure too low" problem : Cleaning my Rail control solenoid :
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    VW illegally programed the software on dieseils but not on 2012-13 passat ?

    VW illegally programed the software on diesels but not on 2012-13 passat ? If understand right , some of us, who own a 2012-13 passat not affected with this mess ? :) "The accusation applies to 482,000 diesel-powered, four-cylinder Jetta, Beetle, Audi A3, and Golf cars sold between 2008 and...
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    First 900 mile tank

    Just got 921 miles on a tank , MFI reading was 56.4MPG , calculated real mpg was 52.29MPG . Used my car for a everyday commute driving (20 + 20 miles 45-55mph) AC was not used . 17.613 gallon diesel flow to the tank after the mfi warning said : 10 miles left :)
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    Turbo went out

    Got a CR190 turbo , Malone Tune , DSG Tune ...etc upgrade from German Diesel Motorwerks (dieseldub) :)
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    Turbo went out

    Same thing happened with me :(
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Miles on car at failure: 34000 Build date: Not sure , 2013 model Corrective actions from dealership: Nothing at all , car was totaled by insurance company , lost all the warranty Outside air temps at failure: 68F / 20C Failure warning signs, if any: After i got the 23N5 software update my car...
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    2013 VW passat TDI SEL air filter housing

    The turbo sounds like a 20HP shop vacuum :) without any filter :)
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    2013 VW passat TDI SEL air filter housing

    Thank You for all the suggestion , special thanks for " vw_norm " for that link :) ordered all the parts i need
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    2013 VW passat TDI SEL air filter housing

    I got a 2013 VW passat TDI SEL , its been in a light front end collision no frame damage , a professional body shop repaired the car , but there is something missing from under the hood :) ... The OEM air filter box ... I'm not sure the previous owner , or the body shop installed the K&N filter...
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    2006 TDI BRM Engine bad fuel economy after timing belt change

    There is my fuel log and torsion value settings log from the past 4 months : I used the same gas station , same pump , my car was on the same position on every fill ups ...
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    2006 TDI BRM Engine bad fuel economy after timing belt change

    In the past few weeks i tested a few different torsion value settings ... +2.5 i got 36MPG in high traffic , a few times i was able to hit 50MPG during the night time driving home , no traffic , no red light amb temp 15celsius , avarage speed both way is around 45-50 miles/hour "0" - at idle ...
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    2006 TDI BRM Engine bad fuel economy after timing belt change

    I opened this topic a year ago .. there is some update :) A year ago i called back the vw dealership where they changed my timing belt , they said the tb change can not be the reason why my fuel economy went from 50-55 mpg to 36 mpg ... there have to be some another problem with my car ...