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    Password hacked

    I got a similar threatening email. My password was unique to this site. If the site continues to run on an antiquated version of vBulletin, it will happen again.
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    Bent frame rail Scroll down until it says something like 'Put jack stand under pinch weld in the rear (under the arrow)' The OEM jack goes under (around and on each side of) the 'pinch weld' ( a vertical metal piece that consists of several pieces of metal...
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    oil for BEW

    THIS^ Bill
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    Tuning options for Manual TDIs

    Rocketchip and Malone are reputable tuners. Malone has an engine tune for the NON-DSG cars. You will be quite happy with either own of these products. Contact these tuners directly for honest information. Do NOT get a 'BOX' or 'TUNING BOX'. Bill
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    Bent frame rail

    If anyone gets a threatening PM, click on the triangle in the upper right corner (of the PM). This will report it to the Moderators. Yeah, I got one. Bill
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    Bent frame rail

    You simply failed to push the jack far enough under the car.... :o Don't blame VW. Bill
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    Does my 2010 have an electric Aux heater?

    Some of those settings may involve the diesel burning optional heater (webasto type) and not the electric heater that is the subject of this thread.... Just saying... Bill
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    There is boost at intercooler but no power

    IF you are low on BOOST, the car will smoke. You state your car does NOT smoke.... Time to scan with VCDS. There can be codes stored even when the CEL is out. I suspect a MAF problem. Don't waste your time scanning with anything other than VCDS. Limp mode can be diagnosed by turning the...
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    Bent frame rail

    Mark, Maybe you should quit digging that hole you are in. Jetaah did not say or post the things you apparently think he did..... Bill
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    Bent frame rail

    That is not a frame rail and it is NOT the proper place to jack up your car. Take your car to someone who is familiar with it and learn from them. Bill
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    There is boost at intercooler but no power

    Turbopower? Does the car SMOKE horribly when it lacks 'turbopower'? If not, then you lack FUEL. Bill
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    2013 Passat, mine works when you put the wiper control in 'Intermittent'. You can pour water on the sensor to test..... Bill
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    dead battery

    With car OFF, turn on radio. It will turn itself off when it 'times out'. This is 'The Volkswagen Way....'. Bill
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    Starting stumble no start unless throttle depressed.

    Assuming you have tried search, it might work better if you use 'SHUDDER' instead of 'shutter'. Bill
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    trouble codes signal too high or too low

    You start by telling us what the codes are. :confused: You've seen this done before, we need facts in order to help you. Bill
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    Anyone looking to sell a DIGI PD Tuning box?

    There have been MANY threads on tuning boxes, but not for several years. I have yet to see a TDI Guru say anything nice about any brand of tuning box, including Joes' box. Bill
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    Driver Gear springs = lower mpg??

    Have you re-aligned the car? Bill
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    Speed limits across the US are on the rise! Up-to-date state-to-state info & news...

    IIRC, '55 is OK' was a propaganda slogan when 55 MPH became the NATIONAL SPEED LIMIT, back around 1973 or '74. It might have been only in Oklahoma, or wide spread.. I don't remember. Bill
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    jetta feels like it moves right to left

    OP, fix the clunk first, then worry about the fine tuning. Listen to Nord. Bill
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    jetta feels like it moves right to left

    I'll type this slow........ Frostheaters are not necessary to get a TDI started (given that the car is in good repair), rather the Frostheater is for the comfort of the people in the car. There. Bill