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    Need a new radio for 2010 JSW

    I have my factory original RNS-510 that I'm removing from my 2010 Golf If you're interested. -P.
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    CR140 Stage 3

    Found it: -P.
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    CR140 Stage 3

    115 pages and 1700+ posts. I've read about 20 pages so far, awesome how-to thread! ...Anyone have a link to a page that condenses the final results to a couple of posts? Thanks, P.
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    As far as packaging goes, will this work with a Frostheater? -P.
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    Best suspension upgrade Kit springs struts (under $1000)

    I have a Mk6 Golf 2-door manual TDI and just called Keffer to place an order...was hoping to put my $1000 VW loyalty offer to good use. Seems like VW has discontinued the current Eibach-sourced DG Springs. Whatever is left in inventory, that's it. I tried to order for my car, p/n 5K3071677A...
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    Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over clean diesel.

    If the "fix" puts the TDI back inline with its tested, certified, and marketed results...and those numbers are less than you enjoy now, then all should be as good as promised. Right now, you enjoy a car that exceeds the certified results, and have personally profited from the increased...
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    Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over clean diesel.

    Really? So, you joined this forum just now (September 2015), and this is your first post? Welcome aboard. Why don't we all just try to take a step back from the cliff edge and moderate the rage. Less alarmism. Let's see where this goes first? Gratuitous lawsuits, melodrama, profiteering...
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    VW says AWD SportWagen coming in 2016

    +1 VW is dropping the ball again.
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    Thinking about a Golf R

    I got a chance to see the RS up close at the Auto Show and crawled around the ST. Very nice. Since the RS is based on the ST body, I'm sure you'll be able to swap the rear hatch with someone who is an RS wannabe. Due out next spring. I was told that the MSRP would be in-line with the RS's...
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    VW says AWD SportWagen coming in 2016

    Just came back from the NY Auto Show, quite demoralizing. Started looking hard at BMW for my next diesel...not even an Audi option. VW, you had me in the palm of your hand, but it's looking like I'm going to slip right through your fingers. -P.
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    Chris Farnham (3193) passes away, 3/8/15

    I just popped into Fred's after a bit of a sabbatical and came across this thread. I bought my 2010 Golf TDI from Chris back on March 8th, 2010. It's was the best car-buying experience I ever had. Chris made the whole experience so easy and stress-free. He arranged to pick me up @ the train...
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    Need a new battery for my Golf TDI

    Bringing back this old thread. Trying to find the proper battery size for replacement on my 2010 Golf TDI. Looking at an Odyssey AGM battery for this go around. It died on me once and had one hard start with a message on the information center prior to that. I figure I'm rolling the dice...
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    NJ Hurricane TDI!!

    Less traffic on the roads too as people are more concerned about fuel usage. Went to my local dealer for my 30,000-mile service and the salesmen were all busy with demand for TDIs. Diesel is plentiful everywhere. -P.
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    DIY: Changing from the cloth battery "box" to the hard plastic one

    Before I get started... So I suppose the fabric container fits inside the new plastic box? -P.
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    Reputable TDI shop North Jersey?

    What town is Mike in now? -P.
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    LED tail lights. Any ideas?

    Bump for an old relevant thread... Trying to decide on fog or no fog. Pros v. cons? I know the fogs need the Euroswitch, but its it a big deal getting it wired-up? I see it as a nice safety feature since I drive at night and early morning so much. Encountering fog is an issue. -P.
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    (Former) 9W2 owners rejoice! Class Action Settlement

    Me Too. +1 Waiting patiently. Went to my VW dealer to get my personally purchased 9w7 programmed and they wouldn't do it without approval from VWoA since I didn't purchase it from them. *sigh* -P.
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    Fuel line recall???

    Just got my notification today. -P.