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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    I would have to add Paulli's Imports in Rockford, Il. and Dave, one of their mechanics. He has done some great work on our VWs. He knows Veedubs and he knows diesels. Great company to work with.
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    Decisions on new car or fix up?

    That's a tough one there. Everyone will have their opinion on this one. I have been faced with a similar painful decision with my old Passat. It needs a new exhaust and we have been just pouring money into this thing in the last few years. I might fix the exhaust but then other issues might crop...
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    Best exhaust options for B4 1996?

    96 TDI does not have an exhaust cooler...
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    Value of this 96 Passat?

    I have a 96 for sale In case you are interested, I have my 96 Passat for sale. You can view pics and maintenance history here.
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    FS: 1996 Passat TDI Tornado Red Sedan

    Passat is on eBay motors nationally now Hey guys, the Passat is listed on eBay motors for auction. Check it out. Just do a search.:)
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    Feeler: 96 Tornado Red Passat TDI running condition

    Car is up for auction/Buy It Now on eBay. Hey guys, the Passat is now up for auction on eBay nationally. Just do a search.:)
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    A/C recharge

    Charge it up proper and it should work. More than 15 PSI low side, more like 35-40 PSI. That should get the A/c pumping.
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    A/C recharge

    That doesn't sounds overfilled to me. I've had my air happily running with a PSI low side around 40. I think you might have a bad expansion valve. It should not be this hard to get this thing running and keeping correct pressure. Otherwise, you may have a faster leak and it is not letting the...
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    A/C No Workie (of Course); Little Help Please

    How do you know the refrigerant pressure is OK? Usually, if it is just a little low the compressor will not kick in and you will get no cooling. Filling it to the correct level will get the A/C working again. Just be careful not to overfill and use gauges.
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    Feeler: 96 Tornado Red Passat TDI running condition

    Hey, for those interested, this car is now for sale for real. Here is a link to the current thread: This thread has a link to my eBay classified ad which also has pictures. If you are interested in this car, please contact me as I...
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    FS: 1996 Passat TDI Tornado Red Sedan

    Ok, here is the link to my eBay classified ad (with pics): I will entertain any and all reasonable offers, but act quick, this car will sell fast. If this car doesn't sell it will go to eBay for auction. Thanks.
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    A/C recharge

    Ouch. The cans here are 12 oz I believe and $9.99 at Blain's Farm and Fleet.
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    A/C recharge

    Yeah, it did go up. Used to be $6.99/can here. Now it is $9.99/can for the basic stuff without leak sealer. If you are starting with all new o-rings and receiver dryer I would think that you can use the basic stuff plus the correct amount of PAG oil. I bet your A/c will take 2-3 cans of R134a.
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    A/C recharge

    I'm telling you, it will take more than one can of R134a. Look at your individuals car specs for the A/C system but I am guessing, when empty, it will take more than that. Low side, when cooling, should be in the 35-40 range.
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    Car leaking Silver fluid

    Power steering fluid? It should be clear green but who knows.
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    intake screws are all stripped but one??? help!

    Use a 12 pt triple square socket hammered into the end of the bolt. 8mm is about right. There isn't much room in there, but I found a ball-peen hammer gives a little more clearance over a regular one.
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    A/C recharge

    Low side pressure should be higher than that, IMHO. I'm thinking 35-40 PSI and then the high side pressure should come down. There is an inverse relationship between the two. If the low side pressure is too low the compressor will not come on.
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    FS: 1996 Passat TDI Tornado Red Sedan

    Ok, this is not a feeler. We have finally and regretfully decided to sell my beloved 1996 Passat TDI. This car has been well-cared for and is Tornado Red exterior with rare factory spoiler. The interior is black with blue accents. New timing belt, water pump, all associated rollers done within...
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    A/C recharge

    Good point, Rotary. No need to be causing more problems while we are trying to fix other ones. On the other hand, no need putting needless chemicals into a system that doesn't need it and may cause problems down the road if the system didn't need the stop leak sealer, etc. etc. and it gums up...