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    a3 2013 2wd to 4wd to TDI cr140 conversion

    anybody else working on converting their mk5 or mk 6 dsg to 4motion?
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    Green Diesel beta testers needed

    I'm with you Mike in Anchorage. less soot clogging, scarring, oil dilution, fewer regens so less temp stress & less risk of intercooler icing all sounds pretty good for the long haul. I mentioned GDE to my brother in law who has an ecodiesel pickup after he voiced concerns over erratic regens...
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    Green Diesel beta testers needed

    Keith, the TDI club's motto @ the top of the page reads "economy, longevity, performance." Can you enlighten us on what benefits may exist regarding longevity as the other descriptors are already becoming evident? Your tuning philosophy in your homepage alludes to this but for those who haven't...
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    Inuvik, NWT Canada to Tuktoyatuk

    This has been a 'dream' trip for me since my neighbour showed me fam trip photos of their 'jaunt' in the late 70's in their Ford LTD. Always wanted to do NWT, Yukon, Alaska & all points north to the AC. Alas, life, work (& a disinterested wife lol) have gotten in the way of fulfilling this...
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    Green Diesel beta testers needed

    These tunes are a very encouraging development & welcome news for all of us mk 5/6 tdi owners who will "tough it out" w/their vehicles despite buy-backs, power & mileage sucking "fixes" from vw & even "badge embarrassment" associated with the scandal. Thanks for sticking with us GDE. From a...
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    What's the best LRR tire for 10 TDI?

    very interesting set-up. please let us know how close you come to achieving the (significant) 10% improvement & any handling & braking trade-offs you experience. what is your highway/city driving ratio in your part of Finland?
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    What's the best LRR tire for 10 TDI?

    I'm off of the nokian entyres too & now on h-rated 205/55r16" (can't remember the load index)conti true contact all seasons from Canadian Tire(buy 3 get 1 free deal). good mpgs, really quiet @ hwy speed & great in the wet. (fwiw, still really dig my winter nokian hakka r2's-i liked the old hakka...
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    traction control fuse keeps blowing

    you may not find this very helpful but I'd like to be the 1st to commend you on driving sooo harddd that you've blown the fuse on the traction control!!! congratulations! :)
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    GW Commercial

    correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Amorok still available for sale in mexico? I've seen a few in southwestern Ontario near Aylmer where there is a large Mexican-Mennonite population. these are plated w/Mexican plates of Canadian residents. complicated but it'd be a hell of a road trip to make a...
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    a3 2013 2wd to 4wd to TDI cr140 conversion

    very cool. Brandon @ DCB automotive (now in Orillia) is working on converting my 09 dsg tdi jsw to awd. did u use the existing wire harness from a donor and were there any coding issues you ran into?
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    a3 2013 2wd to 4wd to TDI cr140 conversion

    dsg or 6sp in the end?
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    Mk5 Golf TDI 4motion AWD Question

    riddleyo, its been a long time since I've posted anything but work is finally underway. the rear diff and tank were installed by Stephane from DCB automotive(he's moving back to Portugal with his wife & toddler any day now), driveshafts & ripping out the interior for wire harness are this...
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    Nokian Fraud

    my experience with nokian hakka r's(made in Finland) made me a quasi spokesperson for the brand to anyone that would listen. it only seemed natural that the workmanship & quality would go into everything they manufactured, right? so I purchased a set of 4 entyres(made in Russia). quiet, good...
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    London GTG

    I'm in but it'll have 2 b in a smart cdi while the wagon is getting worked on lol
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    DSG Auto DMF Failing or Failures Thread

    just talked to Brandon(DCB automotive)a couple of days ago & he's agreed to snap some pics & post them as he goes thru the process. rear was out, spare wheel bin was cut & shallowed, & about to strip out interior for wire harnesses(aka, the "fun" part of the project;)). down the road I might...
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    DSG Auto DMF Failing or Failures Thread

    my 09 dsg wagon is @ dcb automotive (brandon's shop) getting an awd conversion done to it & i'm having the dmf swapped out due to mileage & as a precaution. 430,000kms/267k miles on the odo with plenty of short-haul towing done near its limits. afaik, there isn't a more robust dmf available to...
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    Free MKIV ALH glow plugs!

    good for you imo000. one more good reason to be a part of this great online community.
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    Ontario advice: Considering purchasing 2015 sportwagon

    I'd consider it a good deal even if it were $29,000 new! nice score.
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    Vote For My Tdi!

    voted. nice ride & great representation along w/ the '04 r32 for vw.
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    2009 Jetta headed to the junkyard, where it belongs

    lee_taylor, perhaps a 1.4 gasser is right for you. if the majority of your daily forays include short stop-&-go trips diesel economy gains are negated & turbo life can suffer from high temp 'cooking'. as a veteran member, you know the value of occaisional 3000+ rpm 'Italian tunes' on a diesel...