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  1. R-Sixxer

    BRM VNT Actuator Replacement Opions

    I just used what I had on hand, Permatex Ultra Black Hi-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker. You may be able to get a nozzle up into the cup and just goop it full and let it set. Perform a vac test after to ensure it worked. This is a complete bodge of a fix and if it works, great! (it held up for...
  2. R-Sixxer

    BRM VNT Actuator Replacement Opions

    "This is a vacuum actuator that pushes out under vacuum." Shouldn't it pull in under vac? These parts fail due to the diaphragm wearing out. I had my head/turbo out a while back and was able to fill the little cup underneath with silicone. Still holds a strong vacuum almost a year later!
  3. R-Sixxer

    Whining Noise BRM

    Pressure tested the intake piping to 10psi with no signs of leakage. Turns out the turbine was sheared clean off with no signs of it. Likely caught up in the cat. I'm guessing a wobbly turbo shaft caused the noise which resulted in the catastrophic turbo failure.
  4. R-Sixxer

    Whining Noise BRM

    Before I pull the turbo, I wanted to pick the brilliant brains of the forum. So while driving with no power (and no boost as shown on a gauge), the engine would sometimes try to kick back into boost for a second or two, then cut out again. To me, this sounds like a limp mode. I have a VAG-Com...
  5. R-Sixxer

    Whining Noise BRM

    Does your car sound like a kazoo? My issue went away on its own today after a hard acceleration followed by a *pop*, then zero boost, some black smoke, and zero power. May end up pulling the intake/turbo as I already know my actuator is bad (solved by globbing silicone gasket maker around the...
  6. R-Sixxer

    Whining Noise BRM

    The bad cam/lifter issue sounds more of a low pitched thump or thud or 'bobobobob'. The days are warming up and soon I'll have access to a lift. Still no performance or mileage changes so it's a low priority right now, just an annoyance.
  7. R-Sixxer

    Whining Noise BRM

    Does the sound match the turbo boost; goes up and down with throttle position? I have a similar issue with my car right now but haven't noticed any performance difference or engine behavior. Mine started with a loud pop while cruising on the highway but haven't found anything loose. I also...
  8. R-Sixxer

    parking brake stuck, help!

    I've had had to spray some rust penetrant into/onto the lever pivots at the disk and hammer it back and fourth a few times to get mine to release. Follow up with wd-40/lube/butter if you'd like. Works like new ever since.
  9. R-Sixxer

    engine stumble

    I've had similar issues after filling up with bad fuel. Run some additives, try a different fuel brand, change your filter.
  10. R-Sixxer

    '06 BRM 5spd Jetta

    I was able to iron out the lumpy idle while stopped to be a faulty fuel temp sender, located just to the right of the oil filter on the front of the engine (vag-com verified it was reading 0-saturated that coincided with the lumpiness). Disconnected the electrical from it and it ran smooth as...
  11. R-Sixxer

    2006 BRM Vacuum Issue

    Just spit-balling ideas from experience: If you have a vacuum hand pump, try connecting that to the nipple on the actuator and see if you can get it to hold a vacuum. The diaphragm on these things wear out and finding a replacement actuator is almost impossible and painstakingly difficult to...
  12. R-Sixxer

    Which exhaust system??

    I'm running a 2006 with a 3" turbo-back system from Kermatdi with one of their custom tunes and love it (wish I did this as soon as I drove it off the lot). It's not annoyingly louder from stock, there's little to no smoke, and the boost in performance is always welcome. Also, there's no drone...
  13. MKV Rear Brake Failure & Fix

    MKV Rear Brake Failure & Fix

    MKV Rear Brake Failure & Fix
  14. R-Sixxer

    2006 Rear Brake Line Failure

    For MKV owners, this may be worth checking during your next tire rotation or summer/winter swap. Fortunately enough for myself, this failure occurred while at a red light with very little traffic around. The left photo shows the weak point of the hose that burst (right above the crimp fitting)...
  15. R-Sixxer

    EGR Delete

    Use a piece of tin or other plate type material and physically block off the exhaust hole into the EGR. You can get at it from underneath the car. It might not be proper, but it does the same thing. ;)
  16. R-Sixxer

    06 jetta sunroof and trunk issues

    Have you had your door wiring harness recalled or replaced yet? Pop the rubber cover off between the door and body and see if there are any cracked/broken wires. There was a recall on this part because the wires they provided were too short and would crack after X number of opening/closings...
  17. R-Sixxer

    rough idle, 5-spd

    Been a while since I'd been around here but I was able to locate the lumpy idle I was having. I hooked up the VAG-COM and noticed a fuel temperature sender was bouncing from zero to max, which aligned with the sound of the lumping. Unplugged it and the problem went away. I eventually replaced...
  18. R-Sixxer

    Droning sound at 60-62mph

    Normally I wouldn't be opposed to removing the EGR, but up until this point based on what I've read, unless you have a problem with it directly, removing the system won't improve anything. I'll check the flexi joint first and go from there. Will keep the gang posted!
  19. R-Sixxer

    Droning sound at 60-62mph

    I understand this is an old thread, but the problem wasn't resolved and I'm experiencing the same issue as described by the OP. 2006 1.9tdi BRM (noise started before the first timing belt change and continues after replacing the camshaft @ 170,000kms) I've determined that the drone is only...
  20. R-Sixxer

    Drivers outside mirror; Turn Signal is very dim.

    Maybe there's a short in the wiring harness in the door jam. It wouldn't surprise me if this was the case. Seems strange that they'd just burn out though without any indication of altered voltage. To avoid this problem in the future, I'm going to stop signaling. Not like many people use their...