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    Fueling up on West Coast

    We may take a road trip from the Midwest to the West Coast. Will we have any trouble finding stations with the smaller diesel hose spouts -- the ones that fit cars, as opposed to the larger ones for trucks? Thanks.
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    Hevster1 Grand reopening RE-OPENING NEW LOCATION! Montague NJ!

    Mike and I said goodbye yesterday -- a truly sad moment for me, because he has kept my 2002 Jetta TDI sedan and my wife's '05 Jetta TDI wagon in pristine condition for more than 10 years. He kept me entertained as well, while giving my wife a break from me. Mike has been working on our cars...
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    Clips for cabin air filter

    Local mom-and-pop hardware had them: U-type 8-32 speed nuts.
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    Clips for cabin air filter

    Rembrant: Your link to World Impex is for the larger clip (a k a speed nut) that secures things like fender liners and belly pans. The clip for the cabin air filter is smaller. Alchemist: Before posting, I took my clip to AutoZone. No luck finding a replacement there -- but no great surprise...
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    Clips for cabin air filter

    Can anyone tell me what this is called, and where I can get some? It's the spring clip that secures the cover for the cabin air filter in both of my A4's. I've overtightened the screws that go into some of the clips, and stripped them. (It's smaller than the clips that secure some of the...
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    NE Ohio MK4 newbie needs a TB Guru

    The shop below is in Marysville, Ohio, not too far from Columbus. I think it's on the list of TDIClub trusted mechanics. (You can check.) I haven't used them, but have corresponded with them about having our cars serviced there, if and when we move to the Cleveland area. I appreciated their...
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    Looking for shop in NYC or Long Island

    Hevster1 is your guy.
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    Diesel Mechanics In N.E. PA? (Scranton/W-B)

    Scranton is about an hour from a top TDI specialist, Mike Hevner. This is the URL for his shop: This is a long thread with comments from TDI Club members about his work: I live a lot farther from his shop than...
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    Clutch replacement assistance/mechanic

    You can't go wrong with Mike Hevner (Hevster1 on the TDI forums). He's in Montague NJ, about 75 miles southwest of Kingston. I take both my TDI's to him, and he's farther from me than from you. Others come from even farther. This thread will give you an idea of how TDI Club members feel about...
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    Upstate NY service

    My wife sends me there whenever she needs a respite. In fact, she's sending me to him this coming Monday. (Mike doesn't encourage the inmates to hammer on stuff, but sometimes there's a Story Hour and a Sing-Along. The lyrics are his very own -- really special.)
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    Hevster1 Grand reopening RE-OPENING NEW LOCATION! Montague NJ!

    Mike, the '02 seems to have better boost after you changed out the vacuum hoses. My imagination?
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    Hevster1 Grand reopening RE-OPENING NEW LOCATION! Montague NJ!

    He has installed two for me so far -- one on each of our TDIs. (Your 2000 is essentially the same as our 2002.) I hope he installs several more on each car. My only concern is that he keeps the cars in such good running order that they may outlast me. And him. If you know you're overdue for a...
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    Hevster1 Grand reopening RE-OPENING NEW LOCATION! Montague NJ!

    Mike, thanks for pricing out that rear-view mirror for the station wagon so quickly. I hope to see you soon for the other work we discussed. You and Maria have a great holiday.
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    Stanadyne at Autozone

    It's worth the trouble. I find that diesel fuel tastes really nasty without the additive (although your experience may vary).
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    Stanadyne at Autozone

    That's 50 cents an ounce. Purchasing six half-gallon jugs at the link below cuts it to about 29 cents an ounce, including shipping: That's what I do, and decant it into old 8-ounce Stanadyne bottles, which I keep in the trunk...
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    Hevster1 Grand reopening RE-OPENING NEW LOCATION! Montague NJ!

    My wife is always glad when something goes wrong with one of the cars. She says his shop is the best day-care center in the tristate area. Music! Toys! People acting out! (Of course, there's a question about the level of adult supervision.)
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    Central pa mechanic, and/or someone willing to show/help me...

    You can find him in "Trusted Mechanics by State" in the TDI101 forum -- search for Pennysylvania. He's excellent -- did a timing belt and more on our 2002 back before we found Mike Hevner here in New Jersey. And he's a parts supplier, with good prices and fast turnaround on shipping.
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    Opinions of AMS Autowerks in Linden NJ

    Yes -- I confused JA Autowerks in Shrewsbury with AMS Autowerks in Linden. The posts I remember are for JA, not AMS. Thanks for the correction, and my apologies.
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    Opinions of AMS Autowerks in Linden NJ

    This post is misleading. Please see correction below./Silverstick Search for Autowerks in the TDI Club forum titled "Vendor and GroupBuy Items for Sale." The proprietor posts there, and there are some discussions.