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    (SOLD) FS 2012 Jetta TDI 6-spd manual 107K miles (photos added) $8,500

    What is a reasonable asking price for this model?
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    (SOLD) FS 2012 Jetta TDI 6-spd manual 107K miles (photos added) $8,500

    I've attached a few pictures. My phone camera is having some issues, and some are blurry. If there are specific pictures that you'd like to see, let me know, and I'll take more. The back seat photo is blurry, but these seats and floors are perfect(I never haul anyone in the back seats). 2012...
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    (SOLD) FS 2012 Jetta TDI 6-spd manual 107K miles (photos added) $8,500

    Looking to part with my platinum grey 2012 TDI Jetta with 107k miles. Price $8,500. Located in East Tennessee I bought this in 2018 from the VW dealer that sold it originally. It was included in the dieselgate buyback, and was "corrected" and sold as a VW certified pre-owned. Car hasn't...
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    Timing Belt Decision in North Carolina

    His dad passed away a few years ago, so it’s just Daniel now. He’s done a lot of work for me, and although difficult to get in touch with (sometimes) he is very good, honest, and very reasonably priced. It’s worth the drive.
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    2012 same-year engine differences

    Every time I go to the dealer to pick up an oil filter element, they want the VIN. They say there’s different filters for that car. What is the difference, or was there a manufacture date cut-off point?
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    Reasonable asking price for 2012 Jetta 6-sp

    I've run across a couple of people wanting a manual TDI, and I've considered selling my 2012 Jetta 6-SP. It was a dieselgate buyback, and has <90k miles. Excellent condition, and all I've had repaired was a clutch master or slave cylinder. I looked at KBB, and it seems that Very Good or...
  7. VW Cargo Tray

    VW Cargo Tray

    cargo tray
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    Anyone else having tire/vibration issues?

    A little less than 3 years ago, I purchased a 2012 6-speed manual Jetta that was one of the buyback cars. The car still had the original Hankook tires on it. These were pretty slick, and my friend that owns the tire store told me that the tires still had tread, but they were hard, likely due...
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    Oil Change, I made a mess

    Looks as if that may have been the issue. I removed the assembly, and the o-ring was pushed to the top. I either didn't lubricate the o-ring lubricated completely, or I spun it on too quickly(probably the former). Here's a few things that I've found out/or was reminded of in this whole...
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    Oil Change, I made a mess

    That actually makes a lot of sense. Missing the groove with the O-ring would have allowed the housing to spin on With no resistance along the way. I think you’ve probably identified my issue.
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    Oil Change, I made a mess

    That's what I recall from the '03. I've never used a wrench to put an oil filter back on. That is why I was hesitant to tighten this one too much. I'm absolutely astonished that the oil would blow out around the cap unless it was terribly loose. I'm going to take it off again tomorrow I...
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    Oil Change, I made a mess

    I did replace the o-ring. I don't think I cross threaded it because it spun quite freely for a few turns. My '03 would tighten freely, but once it slowed, I had to turn it a few more rotations. Even if it was not completely tightened, is there enough pressure to blow the oil out?
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    Oil Change, I made a mess

    Been changing my own oil for over 30 years, including the last 15 on a '03 TDi Jetta. Decided to finally change the oil in my '12 TDI Jetta(just got in a few months ago). I have an oil extractor that I occasionally use. I generally use it every other time, so that I can occasionally take a...
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    FIXED! Trunk opening...

    Bought a 2012 CPO a few months ago. Trunk lid wouldn't stay open. Had a few other issues, so I took it to the dealer under the new 24-mth CPO warranty. They had to replace the strut. Now, when I pop the trunk, the lid goes open on it's own. Not sure if there's only 1 strut or if there's 2...
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    Battery Dead, or something more sinister

    Unfortunately, it's not covered.:mad:
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    Unhappy with CPO purchase 2012

    As I've posted on here several times, I decided to part with my 2003 mkiv that had almost 350k miles. I replaced it with a CPO 2012 Jetta with 24k miles. It's 6-speed manual, no-frills version. 6 months in, I'm not sure this is going to be the car for me. Several little things, but I don't...
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    Just got a 2012 Jetta TDI with 8300 miles

    I bought a CPO in late September. After starting to see dead battery issues, I now find out that they left a 6 1/2 year-old battery in it. It's a BS move from either the dealer or VWoA. They know a 7 year-old battery is likely within weeks of dying. Sorry to vent on your thread. Enjoy
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    Battery Dead, or something more sinister

    After yet another non-start, I decided to take a look at the battery for a manufacture date. Much to my surprise, the manufacture date was the 12th week of 2012. Yep, it's the original battery. I'm pretty unhappy that they sold a CPO VW in 9/2018 with a 6 1/2 year old battery. I've talked to...
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    Battery Dead, or something more sinister

    Maybe so. I generally don't care for most annoyance chirps, but leaving the lights on can cause lots of inconvenience, so I'll happily take the chirping.