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  1. Thunder Chicken

    Additives in CJAA

    I have a '12 with just over 300k km. I use power service, white bottle (winter stuff) year round, most of the time. I bought the car new and plan to keep it going as long as possible. Take your front wheel well liners out and clean the fender and lower part out, dirt will collect and rot...
  2. Thunder Chicken

    Body sheet metal parts

    Are there any aftermarket sheet metal parts for a '12 wagen? I need rocker panels. Rear quarter panels. OEM is the entire side of car in one piece for +$1g each..... Sprayfoam/fiberglass is not being ruled out, but i need to fix these holes soon. Warrenty was denied for the typical stupid reasons.
  3. Thunder Chicken

    Front end work

    I did all that a few years ago… rears were broken and one front, so I put the HD towing springs in rear and Tiguan struts in front to raise it up. I did sway bar links and one ball joint at that time too.If nothing else is broken, I’d leave it. Besides the strut, nothing is super hard to do...
  4. Thunder Chicken

    Rear Springs

    I just had a broken rear spring too….. a few years ago I put the euro towing springs in the rear. I’ve only towed a light trailer a few times. But alas, the rears have now both failed, about the same timeframe as the oem springs.
  5. Thunder Chicken

    #2 Diesel vs JetA1

    I burnt lots of jet in a ‘96TD, and a ‘04TDI. When I upgraded to the ‘12CR TDI, I gave up using Jet. I’m deleted and still wouldn’t use it, mixed or not. It’s too dry and the thought of a fuel pump issue makes it not worth it. Maybe with a CP3 pump? I dunno….. I also have a tractor with a...
  6. Thunder Chicken

    Renewable Diesel facility - Canada

    A few years ago (quite a few probably) I thought there was a company in Thunder Bay making a bio blend of diesel fuel…..
  7. Thunder Chicken

    Lost acceleration and cruise control temporarily.

    E brake causing grief? Or whatever switch assoiated with it? Juat throwing out ideas now....things that would cause the cruise to not work... even the brake pedal switch could do that maybe, i know the car is not happy trying to brake and throttle at the same time (i was trying to trick the...
  8. Thunder Chicken

    Lost acceleration and cruise control temporarily.

    Bad fuel? Any chance of gelling? Ice behind the gas pedal?!! I can’t recall if this pedal moves while on cruise?!
  9. Thunder Chicken

    How do I kill my DPF as fast as possible?

    Driving it like a granny, keepIt as low of rpm as you can stand… lug it….. use the wrong engine oil…. Ie. an older API rated oil…..lots of cold starts, short runs, no highway driving….. Or…… Screw the warranty, you know what you gotta do to let it be happy. You won’t need the warranty if the...
  10. Thunder Chicken

    Scangauge II with MK6

    I had a scan gauge in my wagon for a while. It was a while ago, but I remember having to do something weird with it to get it to show fuel use age, the instant fuel burn was not right for some reason I think…. Besides some interesting numbers, I didn’t find it overly useful. I did save my...
  11. Thunder Chicken

    6 speed transmission oil service

    I did mine about a year ago, around 250k km. It didn’t look dirty. I used an oil from an aftermarket VW parts place. It was a weird name and A foreign language on rhw bottle but had the VW part numbers cross referenced on it. GL4- 2.3L G-052-171-A2 (g052-527-a2) these were the oem numbers I...
  12. Thunder Chicken

    Tdi high idle switch.

    Likely not possible, but some vehicles use cruise control to set a high idle.
  13. Thunder Chicken

    Finally lifted my golf wagon

    Only does the shimmy under higher torque, almost any speed…. Tires and rims are changed out summers and winters and does it same on both. But good thought!
  14. Thunder Chicken

    Finally lifted my golf wagon

    I did and it was all in spec. I’ve done about 25k km and had no weird tire wear. Besides what I think is the axle shimmy, it worked great for a 10k km road trip. Now that winter is over I’ve found broken links, one broken rear spring…. (Suplex brand springs)
  15. Thunder Chicken

    Finally lifted my golf wagon

    I love my lifted height, but I’ve also noticed a weird shimmy that may be an axle doing something funny…. Ive also broke sway arm links like crazy it seems…. Not sure if any of this is related to the lift, or the fact the car has hit the 10 years old self destruct age…(thanks salty roads and...
  16. Thunder Chicken

    Rawtek Options

    I had pure contacts as well and liked them. I have a stage 2. I wouldn’t believe the dash economy from what others here say…. Figure it out with a pen and paper when you top up.
  17. Thunder Chicken

    Rawtek Options

    If you want to save fuel, slow down. Air up your tires. Have decent tires (cost $). while the delete will save some mileage, (I’m 6sp not dsg) I went from high 5’s/6ish before to low 5’s after, on average. (Less than 1l/100km). I worked it out and I’d have to drive something like 200,000km...
  18. Thunder Chicken

    Rawtek Options

    No. I have a resonator where the cat used to be. I have the original muffler. If there is/was 2 I forget that part.
  19. Thunder Chicken

    2012 JSW 6MT issue shifting into first

    My car started shifting weird/ missing gears and I panicked. When in a shop for check over, the guys showed me how the nut holding the linkage/arm on was about to fall off! (Look at the link posted above) That simple, problem fixed. Pull off the air filter box and take a look. If that the...
  20. Thunder Chicken

    Rawtek Options

    ^ I choose the resonator just to maybe quiet it down as some reviews said there may be a bit of a ‘droning’ noise in the cab without….. can’t say but I find it as quiet as original.