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    What transmission fluid oil?

    I've been running G060 in my 2001 alh tdi for about the last 6 years. Due for another change. Looks like G060 is superceded to G070. So what's the concensus? Go G070 or go synchromesh? No complaints about shifting presently, 245k miles.
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    Rebuild will not start HELP!

    1. Make sure cam lobes for #1 cyl are not opening the valves there at tdc. #1 being farthest cyl from flywheel. Lobes on #4 cyl should be partially on the cam followers. 2. Timing pin hole is at 12 oclock relative to pump body. If not at 12 oclock, you are not in pin hole. 3. After...
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    2005 bhw marine stand alone

    Lots of drive shaft shops have a lathe on site for just this sort of thing.
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    Regarding Spare Fuel Containers

    Red can sharpie marked "diesel" works for me. And why carry fuel, someone asked? There is one trip where the middle to 800m portion has expensive fuel, and are often closed at night when I like to travel. No fun driving around in Miami at night looking for diesel. Get to Fla City, easy to...
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    2.2 GM Ecotec oil consumption.

    20yrs ago I bought an old beater Rabbit diesel. Previous owner said it burned oil, and he used 20w-50 to reduce the burn rate. For giggles I tried 10w-30. It burned half the oil with 10w-30!! My theory was the worn oil rings were sliding up on top of a thick layer, and the layer was thinner...
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    2.2 GM Ecotec oil consumption.

    If car is on it's last legs, use oil drained from your other cars to top off.
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    Call me stupid ~~ At least I am a newbie stupid.

    The ac compressor is variable displacement. So when cooling loads are low, it draws very little hp from the engine.
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    Timing Belt Inspection

    Thanks. I'll not bother with the cover. And let her know 120k.
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    Timing Belt Inspection

    Thanks. I'll pass that on. I know the insp is not going to tell 100%, but if something is amiss, that would be good to pick up early. Is the plastic cover a PITA to pull off?
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    Timing Belt Inspection

    Hi all. A friend has a 2010 JSW with CR TDI, it has about 100k miles on it. She knows she needs to get the TB done soon, but has to take a couple long-ish trips before she can get it done. I'm a long time ALH owner, and I do my timing belts usually at 110k each. Towards the tail end of it's...
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    Tire buying time, I know this is a beat like a dead horse topic.

    I've got Michelin Harmony 195/15's on my 01 Jetta. 122k miles on them and they just passed inspection. Barely. Still run smooth and quiet, but I definitely slow down in the rain due to skinny tread. These have lasted at least twice the miles than I have ever got on any vehicle. Original...
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    No-Start Conundrum (ALH)

    If after cranking for a good period with no start, say a total of 15sec, it should be showing fuel vapor out the tailpipe. If no smoke, engine is not fueling. Also check that the anti-shudder valve is not hung closed. That little beast has fooled a good number of folk. ASV stuck will keep...
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    Should I get rid of full coverage ins and get liability (PLPD)?

    If you take off the full coverage, you will drive safer. That's a good thing for everyone. I'm about to take off full coverage on my 01 Jetta. I'm just scared to because the car might get PO'd and might decide to pop a tie rod and send me into a tree.
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    Oil comsumption

    Some engines use some oil, some don't. Your's is higher than most, but still ok. Time your oil add so when oil change time comes, it is on the add mark!!! Also, if engine has been "babied" since new, rings may have not seated in well. Best to give engine some full power runs up to 4000rpm...
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    Engine won't turn over after TB change

    Put the wrench on crank and try rotating it by hand. Something may have slipped in the timing hardware.
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    TDI won't start, low oil

    Normal. You cranked a cold engine and it pumped oil up into the overhead and spattered it around in the crankcase. Cold oil flows VERY slowly and it will take hours to drain back into sump and give a normal reading. Once you get your start situation figured out and get engine running, do...
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    2.0L CR burns lots of fuel idling?

    Fuel burn calc'd from injector signal and rail pressure, has nothing to do with return fuel. Suspect the scangauge is giving bad data. Engine not likely burning 1.2/hr.
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    Camshaft and Valve Lifter Wear

    Rotate engine a bit so cam lobe tip is visible. Usually if lifter wears, cam tip does too. Hard to get a good photo of lifter when cam is on top of it.
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    Stand alone ALH TDI for stationary power.

    If engine hp is not enough for the pump at desired rpm, get a lower displacement pump to match engine. Better yet, get a variable displacement pump. With variable displacement, if a log is hard to split, swash plate backs off stroke, it slows down and has LOTS of force. Then on easy logs and...