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  1. Grady

    Car won't start after replacing fuel filter

    Check the fluid levels in the battery cells and top off as necessary. Then give it a charge. Those "Maintenance Free" batteries still need to have water added occasionally.
  2. Grady

    2001 jetta tdi..injector not closing

    Regular use of a fuel additive will enhance the fuel's lubricity and its detergent (cleaning) characteristics. The changes to the refining process with the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel had an adverse effect on these diesel fuel properties. Download this PDF for all of the gory...
  3. Grady

    Anyone have dealt with this?

    Gently tap the starter with a hammer. The rotor may have stopped on a dead spot, relative to the brushes.
  4. Grady

    Air Intake connection to radiator/grille

    Your air intake plenum is fine. Those gaps / seemingly missing pieces are there to provide an alternate air intake routing. If the forward intake behind the frill should become clogged with snow or other debris, the alternate path will pick up the slack. For those who remember the ALH snow...
  5. Grady

    ATTN 2011-2018 Jetta Tdi owners

    An appropriate description for this report is: "Everything We Didn't Know We Were Supposed To Know About Diesel Fuels" Preserved for posterity.
  6. Grady

    13 TDI Purchase

    As mentioned, if the emissions modifications have been performed, there should be a sticker affixed to the underside of the hood similar to this one.
  7. Grady

    ALH oil filters

    Work up a list of everything you need and drive over to Gresham and visit these guys. They will fix you right up. Walk-ins are welcome.
  8. Grady

    Broke injector bolt in head

    A Left-Hand drill bit will walk that broken bolt right out. Pretty much all an extractor will do is further degrade what is left.
  9. Grady

    Phase 2 Dealership Experience

    DD, when you complete your VW Customer Survey, put these findings in your comments and request to be contacted by VW. You should receive an e-mail from the Father-Land within a couple of days.
  10. Grady

    Phase 2 Dealership Experience

    Log into your account at the VW Claims Portal and enable the Chat session. You should be able to resolve this fairly quickly.
  11. Grady

    Died on Highway: Fuel Issue

    What is the condition of the O-ring on the threaded stem the CAT filter threads onto? That seal needs to be viable, or you will have an accumulated large air bubble such as the one you noted, several hours after shut-down. Some background about where the air originates in an otherwise tight...
  12. Grady

    Quote for timing belt change for my MK7 Golf TI $2500!

    I think its the drive belt for the oil pump that has a "lifetime"interval. So, what does anyone think about swapping out that oil pump drive belt during timing belt job? Its tucked in here behind the timing belt. Both are oil-bath belts, so I would think it would offer some peace of mind to...
  13. Grady

    Is there any oil you can buy locally that is good for our cars? (MK7 TDI)

    Some good info and details for an oil change on the EA288 motors.
  14. Grady

    Burning Rubber/Plastic Smell

    Some good info about Regens . . . Regeneration - Do's and Dont's?
  15. Grady

    How come Mercedes, BMW, GM can do it but VW can't?

    Have a look at this PDF published by the European Transportation and Environment folks. There is a graphic which illustrates the relative emissions levels of the European diesel manufacturers. Every one of them exceeded the legal limit...
  16. Grady

    The Worst Oil Change Ive Ever Done

    Just raising the front of the car, as if t were on a set of ramps, will be fine. 5.5 Liters will get you to the middle of the Safe Zone on the dipstick.
  17. Grady

    Adding DEF from a Card Lock Pump - fail

    Bite the bullet and go to the dealer and get one of the 1/2-gallon jugs shown in the video. They are about $8.50 MSRP. It has special fittings on it to pretty much make the filling process spill-free. After you empty the jug, remove it from the filler connection in the trunk and just grasp...
  18. Grady

    New VW Recall

    Enter 15V229000 in the search box, select "Recalls", and then proceed. This recall is for gassers. Report Receipt Date: APR 17, 2015 NHTSA Campaign Number: 15V229000 Component(s): FUEL SYSTEM...
  19. Grady

    AdBlue DEF usage 2015 Jetta TDI

    Cummins estimates the urea consumption at about 2% of fuel consumption. This will vary quite a bit, based upon engine loading. Pg. 6 of this Q&A PDF has some info.
  20. Grady

    New owner, 2015 Jetta TDi SEL... What do I need to know?

    Some good info here, about an EA288 oil change.