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  1. Crosley

    Bentley manual, brake cambelt tools 2006 TDI

    PM sent back at you on complete package of manual and tools
  2. Crosley

    Bentley manual, brake cambelt tools 2006 TDI

    items have been sold
  3. Crosley

    BRM--Coming up on 100000m.

    119,400 miles on our 2006 Jetta TDi.. DSG Flywheel replaced by me at 68k miles. Rear brake pads around 90k miles, timing belt and related parts too Camshaft must be OK, the car runs fine daily... ;) Gotta buy a few liters of DSG oil for that change at 120k miles
  4. Crosley

    Blower motor in 2006 Jetta stopped working

    I bought my 2006 Jetta in Sept 2005... in December 2005 the blower fan stopped working. The dealer replaced an item they called a relay that took 4 days to come into AZ 1KO-951-253-A RELAY Listed RELAY as # 75X tested faulty
  5. Crosley

    Service action 97U3/T3

    My airbag light in the dash came on january 19 , the letter from VW arrived the 22nd. 116k miles on the 2006 Jetta car so far
  6. Crosley

    2011 VW Jetta

    Looked at a 2011 Jetta base car. I like the exterior styling, that is fine. Interior reminds me of Nissan interiors = cheap looking
  7. Crosley

    Replacing Cam

    113k miles on my 2006 Jetta. Never had the camshaft cover off. I am waiting too :cool:
  8. Crosley

    Another BRM Cam victim

    I am coming up on 40 years working on cars privately and professionally. I never skimp on maintenance. Our Jetta has received all the proper maintenance, proper oil changes have been at 6000 - 7500 miles. I searched out and found - used only 5w-40 oil 505.01 since AZ is hot usually Freeway...
  9. Crosley

    Another BRM Cam victim

    Interesting read on the replacement of the cam and related parts. My 2006 Jetta has 106k miles on it. I do not plan on removal of the cam cover for a look see. When the engine starts acting poorly, then I will look
  10. Crosley

    06 dsg jetta money pit is gone

    I see the point on the DSG flywheel, mine was replaced at 66k miles at my expense. No cam shaft troubles , but I have not taken the cover off to look for excessive wear at 104k miles on the car. Maintenance items like fluids , belts , filters do not seem excessive to me on this Jetta. Most...
  11. Crosley

    2006 Trunk not closing

    the return spring that resets the internals in my latch collapsed some. I repositioned the spring after removal and opening the latch mechanism . It now latches great and when the fob button is pushed , you hear a click as the internals return to position
  12. Crosley

    Bad AM radio in 2006

    my 2006 Jetta radio reception on the AM band has sucked since the car was new. No problems found Power lines over head take the signal near completely out till I am past the wires
  13. Crosley

    Transmission serial number

    there are gas engine versions of VW? :D Why?
  14. Crosley

    Transmission serial number

    as mentioned, all I have heard of is two different transmissions in a 2006 Jetta that require their own fluid... the DSG and manual transmission G 052 182 A2 is the DSG fluid
  15. Crosley

    2006 Jetta TDI Special Edition - Timing Belt

    I changed the TB , water pump , coolant and related parts at 92k miles on my 2006 TDI recently. Owners manual in my car has the dual listing of 90k and 100k for the TDI cam belt
  16. Crosley

    06 TDI DSG Transmission Failure at 65k?????!!!

    I am getting near 30k miles on my DMF replacement that I installed at 68k miles.... if I hear that flywheel rattle again, I may install a For Sale sign on the car. :cool:
  17. Crosley

    DMF dead end

    I replaced my DMF at 68k miles. It rattled only when cold for about 2 minutes... I did not bother calling - writing - visiting the dealer or VW of America
  18. Crosley

    06 TDI DSG Transmission Failure at 65k?????!!!

    how did we get on the subject of Toyotas?
  19. Crosley

    Any BRM's make it past the 100K mile mark?

    90,310 miles on the 2006 Jetta BRM engine DSG trans 505.01 oil used since new Rear brakes near replacement time , OEM front brakes still fine
  20. Crosley

    Trunk Opens when FOB Unlock pressed - then won't close

    I removed the latch from trunk lid... opened the latch up , repositioned the inner return spring on the release pin. Latch works like a champ now. Spring collapses and does not push the release pin back fully... so the trunk lid will not close , even by slamming it.. :D