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    What have you fit in your car?

    I fit a front load washer and dryer in my 03 wagon. Not ideal on their side but they fit.
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    Malone Tuning Stage 4 Review

    FWIW, a couple years ago I ordered a stage 2 using their Flashzilla. For two days I read and reread the directions because I was seeing the same error pop up. Finally I just called them to see what I was doing wrong. After telling them about the error, they said it was the Zilla; every once in a...
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    Koni FSD (still sealed in box)

    Upcoming sale So I learned that there is an upcoming sale on the Konis. So if anyone is any more interested at $550, let me know.
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    Koni FSD (still sealed in box)

    Koni FSD struts/shocks for my alh. Still new, sealed in the box. $600 even. Bought on sale for 600 and change. I bought these to upgrade my alh but have not been able to save the money to buy the rest of the parts. In the meantime, I've continued to take financial hits and the car does...
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    If you didn't have a Mk4 TDI, what would you drive?

    Duraburb Looking at this as more fantasy than reality right now, I'd choose a Duraburb. Ideally even, I'd like to have a Suburban with the Banks 3.0 VM I saw he has now.
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    A4 radiator fan removal and replacement

    I followed the directions as written and the only reason a twenty to thirty minute job took an hour and a half is because I did not understand how to disconnect/unplug the fan. Not uncommon for me to misunderstand some of the simpler things. BTW, I did replace this last summer. I say some...
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    So this past summer I noticed my AC was marginally better than rolling with the windows down. Checked the compressor, no leaks and charged. I thought maybe it just needed some help, so I had the windows tinted. Minimal difference, so searched the forum and here was the problem all along...
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    03 Golf 139K 5spd FS

    Thank you for those who did show interest. A buyer called this afternoon and came directly over to buy it. I referred him to this forum and he will be joining to support this most helpful of websites.
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    03 Golf 139K 5spd FS

    I need to sell the car soon (relocating and do not want to take it with me) so I will go ahead and lower the asking price to $7900 to see if anyone is interested enough to start negotiating...
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  15. 2003 Golf

    2003 Golf

    For Sale
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  17. 03 For Sale

    03 For Sale

  18. 03 Golf For Sale

    03 Golf For Sale

  19. 03 Golf For Sale

    03 Golf For Sale

    Rear w/out LP in view