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    2003 or later models?

    The troublesome emissions equipment OH references can also be incredibly expensive to fix/replace unless they fall off when hitting a pothole.
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    JSW, Manual solid (no pano) roof in MD

    I see a decent number of jsw in my local fbm, but, as you said, very few manuals. The ones I see also seem reluctant to share relevant info. I'm not that usd to FBM yet (not much of a FB user) so maybe that's part of it.
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    Looking for after market hitch for 2010 VW Golf Sportwagen (Canada) TDI, having difficulty being certain

    I'm not sure why etrailer doesn't seem to show the curt anymore, at least in a quick search I did, maybe curt discontinued that model that fit.
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    Looking for after market hitch for 2010 VW Golf Sportwagen (Canada) TDI, having difficulty being certain

    I went with the cheapest curt 1 1/4 from etrailer which has mostly been fine for my needs. In retrospect, I'd go with a 2" from ecohitch for the additional flexibility. One interesting thing about etrailer was that practically every time I got on their site it was a different price and/or...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    There was a shortcut version using a wobble socket that required much less internal disassembly. If i can find it I'll post it here. post 15 and others in this thread discuss the method with less interior dismantling...
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    First time replacing transmission 2011 TDI CJAA Any advice greatly appreciated

    OP, I would absolutely NOT do a major repair like transmission replacement solely on a dealership recommendation. I would seek out a local guru or recommended shop or at least post full symptoms and any steps taken to verify the issue. Your location of "usa" does not exactly help anyone who may...
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    B4 Passat TDI

    I still have a b4v that I bought from a tdiclub member many years ago. It only has ~200k and is in near perfect shape. Sadly, it doesn't get many miles anymore. Our primary car is a '14 jsw tdi and with both my wife and I retired we just don't need a 2nd car all that often. Mostly gets used as...
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    Is a leaky water pump covered under extended warranty?

    Bottom line - certainly some/many dealers and vwoa will try to weasel out of anything they think they can on these warranty claims. It will only get worse as time goes on. I'm not sure what logic they try to use when faced with the wording (going from memory, so not exact) - "all disputes will...
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    Brm misfire

    Have you checked the cam & lifters? Pretty likely issue with the BRM at those miles.
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    MN Chat Thread

    I have the older version of the cable without the restrictions. I'm near flying cloud Airport in eden prairie. If you ever get over this side of town I'd be happy to scan it. I don't get to st paul often but can certainly let you know the next time I'll be over that way and see if it works to...
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Oh, and panoramic roof drain issues if you have one. Mine hasn't given me any issues yet, knocks head, but certainly many have had frustrating issues.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Welcome! Your engine code is cjaa, 2010 - 2014 jsw, so you'll want to spend much time reading and searching in that sub-forum. Primary issues with these models are emissions systems related including dpf issues and intercooler icing. Many of these issues can be reduced with a tune and...
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    Wisconsin tdi’s

    There is/was a great guru in Madison area - I know there tends to be a door county group tdi tour each fall. A decent number of Wisconsin tdis for sure. Michigan has a fairly active group with GTGs, MN used to have an active group but much less so these days. Enjoy...
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    What is the Degree of Difficulty of a DPF Delete?

    OK, thanks that makes sense. I had hoped there was a way to do it directly from a pc. Oh, well.
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    Big problem in my scirocco

    Not sure where you are or if you are using translation services to post. The word "emery" may need to be restated. As far as an overpressure code on a common rail, one of the more knowledgeable members should be able to help you out. More information may help them to help you. When you say...
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    What is the Degree of Difficulty of a DPF Delete?

    So you can install a tune from a pc with a vcds (or similar) cable/dongle? I had the impression based on people talking about tunes that we had to buy a flashzilla or something similar. If so, can you save your stock firmware and flash back and forth from/to stock from a pc. Thanks much
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    Little heat in 2014 Sportwagen TDi

    I had heard about this on the Passat. Is this also common on the jsw?
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    real world EVs review

    It's prudent to "never say never" but I certainly can't ever see myself spending that kind of money on, what is ALMOST always, a rapidly depreciating asset. My last 2 tdis sold for about what I paid for them after years of use. My current 14 jsw (admittedly due to very unusual circumstances)...
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    Headliner falling down?

    Sorry, Not on topic with your post, just curious. Someone with a similar user name used to put insane miles on a mk4 in TX with some type of delivery type job. Was that you? Sorry for the interruption. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Ballpark $4.30 and up in twin cities and hwy 94 east towards Eau Claire WI