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  1. CheapBastard

    Bought a used TDI, I think wrong oil has been used

    It’s the reason I tried to buy something with low mileage, mines a 2014 that only had 14k on the odometer and the line oil change from the Carfax report was done at Sears, they probably filled it with Dino
  2. CheapBastard

    Are you getting 3 weeks to the gallon too?

    Gosh, can’t remember last time I filled up and had to check because if this thread, 3/8 was my last and I still have almost a 1/2 tank In no hurry to fill with falling prices
  3. CheapBastard

    When will diesel prices start to fall?

    $2.45 for propel high performance
  4. CheapBastard


    What year, I heard they are less prone to failure on 2014 models, any truth to this?
  5. CheapBastard

    Added a little bit too much oil

    I changed mine for the first time and I’m a C hair above that bend, rolling with it, not concerned
  6. CheapBastard

    WTB Jetta Sportwagen

    Picked mine up from Bay City Motors in Hayward, $8999 for a 2014 with 14,xxx miles. They usually always have a TDi or 2 on the lot, there’s a dealer in Fremont that had 4 or 5 on their lit when I was looking
  7. CheapBastard

    Tdi for lyft?

    My thought is oil is cheap and the lifeline of the engine and have always changed my oils before recommendations, been running synthetic for 20+ years on my last 6 vehicles and never ran one past 7500, I might push it further with this recommended 10k interval
  8. CheapBastard

    Suggestions for tires?

    I’m a cheap Asian tire fanatic and it’s all I’ve run for my last 10-12 sets of tires, I’ve used Hankook, Falcon, Nankang, Toyo, Kumho and Ohtsu, currently in my third set of Ohtsu and I love them at $60 a piece, they’ve even gone on my mom’s Cadillac, the problem I’ve found with most Asian tires...
  9. CheapBastard

    rear window defogger not working

    One of my defroster lines is not working, don’t understand how one of the lines in the middle can stop working, just takes a minute or 2 longer to clear it totally out
  10. CheapBastard

    Has Anybody Had a Problem-Free Pano Sunroof Experience?

    I’ve had my non COO, salvaged wagen that got totaled in the rear for around 8 months now, I’ve opened the pano up maybe a couple dozen times, no leaks or problems yet.
  11. CheapBastard

    Possible JSW purchase... Common rail safety?

    He wants to know if the pressure is too high for him to handle, apparently he was GTG at 2500 psi
  12. CheapBastard

    Passat lowering and wheel/tire thread

    I ran H&R sports on my ‘14 Passat with KYB on the rear, Bilsteins up front on 18’s. It handled great but a tad bouncy when hitting a dip at highway speeds. I’m running the same springs now on my jetta wagen but with KYB on the rears and Gabriel up front on 16’s and it’s a lot less bouncy, might...
  13. CheapBastard

    Coilovers Vs. Lowering Springs (and Intake questions?)

    I’m on my 3rd VW, all dropped with “sport” springs for a 1 1/2” drop, had a cheepie German weitec kit on my mk4 GTI, came with coils and shocks/struts for $350 and really liked it. My mk6 Passat had HR sports with KYB all around and that setup felt kinda bouncy hitting holes and dips at freeway...
  14. CheapBastard

    Buying a "fixed" TDI

    I picked up a ‘14 purely for the price, if I could of gotten a great deal on a ‘15 I would have gone that route, also being the cheap bastard I am I prefer not adding blue
  15. CheapBastard

    What’s the most you’ve hauled in your wagen?

    I hauled tile last week too, took 11 cases at 54 pounds a piece and I’m lowered on H&R sport springs, never bottomed out on the 3 mile trip home
  16. CheapBastard

    What’s the most you’ve hauled in your wagen?

    I stuffed a 40 gallon water heater in there yesterday, just had to fold down the big half of the rear seat and it fit like a glove, I wasn’t expecting to be able to close the hatch but no problem, probably coulda fit a 50 gallon in there:eek:
  17. CheapBastard

    Acceleration with DSG when off the gas

    It’s happened to me twice now driving in standard DSG position, off throttle and coasting to an upcoming stop or turn and I get the sensation of throttle, almost like it’s on cruise control, not mashing the throttle but definitely don’t feel the normal engine braking. First time it really...
  18. CheapBastard

    Panoramic Sunroof Alignment

    My glass sticks up slightly from the roof, no leaks
  19. CheapBastard

    Cupped tires - looking for advice

    I had a brand new Pontiac that had Goodyear eagle RSA on them from the factory with severe cupping before 20k
  20. CheapBastard

    Very disappointing ~33 mpg

    I get 30 with around 90% city driving, I was also disappointed but still an upgrade from the 23mpg my TSI was giving me