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  1. MattRabbit

    My new (to me) 2015 Golf SE TDI

    Nope, still have it. I'm *thinking* about swapping it for something larger, but no moves have been made yet. I haven't driven the Rabbit through an entire tank in ages, and when I did there was a problem with one of the injectors. Back in the day I got 40-50mpg regularly. Best I ever did in...
  2. MattRabbit

    Beetle and Beetle Convert. Roll Call. Who's out there?

    Wife's 2014 beetle is at 46K miles. I just picked up the timing belt kit from idparts and will be having it put in very shortly. I also just swapped the RCD-510 with an RCD-330 head unit to add carplay. I have the rear flip up camera that matches it that'll be going in shortly as well. It...
  3. MattRabbit

    My new (to me) 2015 Golf SE TDI

    I've had the mk7 for 5 years and 113K miles already (I've put 70K on it). It's been a great car, though not quite as tight as the mk4 was. It had some problems with the sunroof leaking (shock!) that I fixed with some RTV and the 'kit' that VW sells to fix the cracks in the drain. I also had a...
  4. MattRabbit

    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Another one melted here! I have an appointment with VW to get it looked at. Hopefully they'll fix it. It doesn't look terribly hard to fix, but I'd rather they buy the parts than me.
  5. MattRabbit

    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    I bought the 'brushed silver' version. It's similar, but slightly darker. Once you install it, it's not too noticeable - it's only when you go looking for it that you see the difference. The difference in the screen makes up for it, though.
  6. MattRabbit

    Beetle and Beetle Convert. Roll Call. Who's out there?

    My wife is up to a whopping 42K miles on her 2014 Beetle TDI at this point. I'm starting to wonder about when to swap the timing belt. I've heard with time it's all over the place, but near as I can figure, it's 10 years or 130K miles. She's at 9 years this year, so I'll probably start...
  7. MattRabbit

    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    Aliexpress finally got a bezel that (sort of) matches the brushed aluminum look inside the Golf for the 8" glass screen. I decided to take the plunge and do that one. And yes, it was the way to go!
  8. MattRabbit

    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    I'm just barely shy of 100K miles in my 2015. So far it's needed a battery (2 years ago). Otherwise? It's been rock solid. <knocksOnWood />
  9. MattRabbit

    How Many Miles Can a Car Last - article

    I drove my mk1 Rabbit to 300K miles, my mk4 Golf TDI to 400K miles, and I'm currently at 100K miles on my mk7. The only reason I replaced the mk4 was because VW was practically giving away mk7 TDIs a few years ago. I pay less on my payment per year than I did on repairs! That said, there was...
  10. MattRabbit

    Stereo Upgrades to my MK7

    That was my first mod to the car - Upgraded from the MIB1 system to MIB2. It was the single best thing I could have done to the car. The MIB1 system just feels unfinished. This is very well documented over at in the DIY forum. I rented the required tools to do the programming...
  11. MattRabbit

    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    Yep, pretty much what pedroYUL said. I had a very similar experience.
  12. MattRabbit

    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    I did the upgrade to MIB2 around 8 months ago. It was the best upgrade I've done to the car, bar none. Total cost for all parts and reprogramming the unit was around $420. Install wasn't too bad (aside from routing the USB/Aux cable, that was *fun*). You have to get the VAS5054A adapter and...
  13. MattRabbit

    Carplay options

    I purchased the MIB2 screen and head unit used and the USB/Aux port from aliexpress and had them coded to work with my car. It cost around $440 all in including programming, and it works GREAT. The hardest part of the install was routing the cable for the USB port through the dash to the glove...
  14. MattRabbit

    MK7 TDI Sedan Owners - Would you buy again?

    I sold my mk4 Golf TDI (393K miles) after purchasing a mk7 Golf TDI SE (43K miles). I've put just over 25K miles on the mk7, and I have to say it's been a great car. I miss the mk4, but really, I don't regret my decision. As for the sunroof, I would rather not have it, but it's nice that...
  15. MattRabbit

    From MK4 to MK7 GSW and STOKED!!!

    Yep, same. Sold my 2001 Golf TDI with 393K miles on her for a mk7 Golf TDI. VW was practically giving them away! I really like the new car, though I do miss the mk4 on occasion.
  16. MattRabbit

    Central Florida

    I would totally go there, except it's almost an hour and a half from where I live/work. I'm hoping for something a little more 'local'.
  17. MattRabbit

    added another TDI to the family

    Wow, that's amazing! I wonder how the emissions stuff holds up over the years? That's my big concern, as well as the HPFP.
  18. MattRabbit

    Central Florida

    Since we lost Full Throttle of Orlando last year, is there anyone in Central Florida we can trust with TDIs? Once my mk7 and my wife's Beetle are out of warranty, I'm going to need someone to do timing belts/etc on these things.
  19. MattRabbit

    added another TDI to the family

    It just amazes me how durable these ALH cars are. I thought the 400K I had on mine was a lot. I don't think my mk7 will go that far without some serious issues.
  20. MattRabbit

    She let me down :(

    My battery in my mk7 died one evening out of the blue. It worked completely fine on my way to work, and when I left... nothing. I had a coworker jump start the car with a jump box, and I was able to drive home. The next morning... nothing again. I tried jumping with our Beetle TDI, and nada...