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    2005 Passat TDI Won't Start

    When you try to start it, does the tachometer needle move at all? If if does not, your crankshaft position sensor may be bad.
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    B5 TDI battery upgrade

    No, not the silver tubes. The black vacuum tubes in front of the battery. They are plastic and probably brittle at cold temps, so be careful. The battery will not lift straight unless you also pull off the plastic trim piece. To do that, you need to remove the wiper arms and three spring clips...
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    How far is too far to get the BSM done? Mountain Valley Motors in Harrisonburg VA can do it. They did mine and the manual swap.
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    Water Leaks! $@#^%!#@$!

    As for cleaning up the interior after a leak: You are going to have to lift or remove the carpet. The cavity below the carpets will retain water even if the carpet appears to be dry. So, after sucking out all the water, get a surge protector and run its cord out through a knockoff in the...
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    Rear dooor will not open from inside

    Pull the rear door card and see if the cable is still attached to the handle.
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    Rotary kid- the most I have ever squeezed into the tank while venting is just over 18. It was running in fumes at that point.
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    Finally pulled my error codes *HELP*

    Another source of DIY guides
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    Electric Aux Heater Location

    The Torque app is the one most android people use. Get the single people recommend In those forums for the app.
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    BHW 5.5 - Urgent Help Needed - Timing Belt Slipped

    Deen- If you need someone to do the manual conversion of BSM (although you sound like you can do it yourself), I recommend Linfor Berry of Mountain Valley Motors in Harrisonburg VA. His contact jnfo is in his profile here
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    B5.5 1.8t wiring diagrams and questions

    I'd try asking over at
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    Intermittant rough running caught on VCDS

    Start by looking up the codes at Ross-rech's wiki. Here, I did the first one for you
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    Jetta PD loses power turning a corner

    Wrong forum. You want the Jetta MK IV forum. ;)
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    Trans kick down

    :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: I'm guessing you are now on a first name basis with the salesman, finance officer, general manager, insurance agent, local cops, and a whole lot of other people. ;)
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    Water pump issues, also oil use.

    This should help The tdiclub member drivbiwire is the guru in Boise.
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    Water pump issues, also oil use.

    How did they confirm it was the WP that was leaking? Visual check and it was obviously leaking? For grins and giggles, take a mirror on a stick and a flashlight and look under the tandem pump at the coolant flange. Oil from the valve cover and diesel from the pump rots out its seals and it...
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    04.5 runs until put into gear?

    Well, at least you were ready for it ;)
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    2004 Passat Random Stall and No Start

    Is the starter turning, but the engine won't catch? Are you getting rpms while cranking? If not, the crank sensor may not be fully/ firmly seated on a clean surface. Check it and the connection.
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    starts when cold and stalls, won't start, runs great when warm?

    Won't start as in what? Does the starter turn over? Engine not catching? Is the tach registering rpms when you are starting or does it stay at zero?
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    2004 Passat Random Stall and No Start

    If you pull the tandem pump. replace the coolant flange, gasket and sensor. Do it for the same reason you replace the water pump when you do a TB job - because it is a pain to do it any other time ;)
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    Do you have the visors with or without the garage remote control? The former extends out.