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    VCDS scanner near Puyallup?

    Sorry not going to make it down to Tacoma this weekend.
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    VCDS scanner near Puyallup?

    What are you hoping to accomplish? I may be down in Tacoma this weekend.
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    group buy: injectors (.260s)

    My Wag with 230k miles has a tired set of Sprint520 with 180Kmiles of fuel flow through them. 2002 ALH Wag Original 11mm pump (230k miles) Original VNT15 turbo (230k miles) Sprint 520 nozzles (180K miles) Rocketchip 2 (tuned for 11mm, VNT15, Sprint520, automatic transmission) The Wag has since...
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    Wanted: MK4 suspension (rusted, worn out is ok). Seattle, WA

    Let me see if I have a battery cable in exchange for you entertaining us.
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    Wanted: MK4 suspension (rusted, worn out is ok). Seattle, WA

    Haha. The car is minus engine and minus transmission. PNP says they’ll cut a check for $20 (twenty). I’m more worried about the driver not accepting a car with proper suspension pieces and causing himself more work to drag it onto the deck if/when my wooden blocks fall apart. Hahaha
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    Wanted: MK4 suspension (rusted, worn out is ok). Seattle, WA

    Do you think PNP will haul the car away in that condition?
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    Wanted: MK4 suspension (rusted, worn out is ok). Seattle, WA

    I would like to salvage the suspension pieces from my car before I call PickNPull to haul the carcass away. I am looking for your worn out or rusted pieces of junk suspension (shocks, struts, and springs). Any pieces from a Beetle, Jetta, or Golf will work for my purposes. I am located in the...
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    SF Bay Area: ALH/MK4 Parts Purge

    Darn. How can I make a drive to Sonoma County an essential trip? Do you have any essential business to conduct in Vacaville?
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    Likewise. Enjoy.
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    My apologies, you did state you read the "sensitivity training handbook." Apparently you seem to have reading comprehension issues, or are just willfully ignoring the naming convention and the reasons for it. "COVID-19 that originated in China" is different than "Wuhan/China Flu." Naming...
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    I didn't read into your comments. You plain and simply stated exactly as WHO suggests not to do. Did you read the articles? From article: The WHO referenced guidelines set in 2015 that ensure the name does not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual or group of people...
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    Please read:
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    15" Avus 5x100 wheels wanted, Sacramento

    I have a set of Avus wheels for you. Will dig them out and verify condition. Will contact you on Monday. I'm actually looking for a black, leather, heated GTI passenger seat.
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    Warning- CA residents with TDI tuning- You might fail your next SMOG check

    A couple more CA smog data points: 1) We just got our 2002 Wagon smogged without issue. It has Sprint 520 nozzles and a Rocketchip 2 (RC2) tune (last tune modification was sometime back in 2008/2009). Being from California, I had requested the maximum reduction in EGR, not total elimination...
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    Cali visit

    How about leaving one day later and stay for a Korean cookout at the house on July 9th? Maybe a Smyth cutting party too if I can get you or Matt to remedy the others in the fleet...
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    Any interest in $500 dealership goodwill card for $450?

    Redeem your Goodwill Card here:
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    Feeler - SF Bay Area/ NorCal fall GTG

    Drivbiwire, Feb 2007: oldpoopie, Aug 2007:
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    Cascade German Parts Summer GTG: August 22, 2015

    Aaron, please order a windshield for a 2002 Jetta Wagon. No fancy rain sensor necessary, just plain one needed.
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    Cascade German Parts Summer GTG: August 22, 2015

    I think Marisa and I will be in attendance.