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    TDIClub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO)

    i loved my 84 300 td.. although the '76 240d was so charming. my 87 w124 was a turd though.. go figure. I have been eyeing w211 cdi's lately. The fuel economy on the w210 320 turbo diesels is not very good. I have been seeing 2005 cdi going for $16-19k - a screaming deal IMO. Nothing...
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    Possible Jeep GC CRD

    260hp 450 ft lbs tuned.. after that you need a bigger turbo.
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    All Wheel Drive Diesel?

    X5d = nice fit and finish - driver's car, great in snow, lots of power == little pricey Bimmerfest is a nice forum to talk to owners. I loved my x3 fwiw. I'd take an X5d in a snap if I had the scrilla. ML's : I'm sad mercedes caved and went unibody. Mercedes maintenance is only a killer if you...
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    super turbo diesels dot com (mercedes turbo diesel tuning)

    i just registered.. at first it rejected me because my "ip was blocked" for some reason. I contacted the admin and boom. Nice guy too that runs it - I emailed him back and forth. Everyone is serious over there :D
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    Add Blue, more please 2010 Touareg TDI

    Anyone successfully deleted the urea trap?
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    super turbo diesels dot com (mercedes turbo diesel tuning)

    I found this site recently and thought it seemed like a good resource... A forum devoted to perfomance tuning turbo diesel Mercedes including W116, W123, W124, W126, W201 and newer chassis covering the om616, om617, om602, om603 and other engines. miss tdiclub!!!
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    "Carbon motors E7"

    must be a pretty heavy vehicle... 6.5 seconds isnt great for that much power.
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    BMW finally bring diesel models to US

    is that ED MSRP? Because you can easily negotiate $1000 over ED wholesale. Bimmerfest has "confidential pricing" pdf's. Forgive me if you already know this. Also of note, bmw financial calculates leases from NA MSRP. So if you get $5-7k off MSRP they will be under $500/mo to lease
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    BMW announces 335d and X5 xDrive35d pricing for US

    Yeah you can generally get the car for $1000 over dealer cost which is way under msrp by doing euro delivery. This brings the lease payment down substantially. However this may not be an option on models manufactured here. But I believe "performance center delivery" can still save you money...
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    BMW finally bring diesel models to US

    he's saying under $50k, optioned... You can't really find a stripper so that $44,725 price is misleading. The dealer always adds options because ppl want them. However I wager that car could be had much less doing the whole eurodelivery thing.
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    BMW announces 335d and X5 xDrive35d pricing for US

    do a lease on a eurodelivery and bring the payment way down.
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    BMW announces 335d and X5 xDrive35d pricing for US

    spending 52k on a 328 is pure stupidity. You can EASILY get a well optioned 335xi for that coin. She must have been seriously worked over by the dealer. WOW. Poor girl. The 335i is not quicker than the 335d in all regards. 0-60, yes but not 20-60 or 40-80, etc there will be plenty of...
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    Im getting One Of These, The Jetta Is History

    um... are you talking about the same engine that is going in the bimmer? I'm confused. Because it is certainly a robust engine. A range topper in europe. Did I miss something, you talking about a different engine? If not you're a tool ;) If yes I'm sorry for calling you a tool. Well...
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    Is it worth boring out an TDI engine??

    poopie can i borrow your tools?
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    About to Buy a Neuspeed P cone! for Jetta TDI

    that neuspeed is the kinda mod somebody from the gasser world thinks they need. The stock airbox is not the first thing holding you back. I would strongly recommend going for some nozzles if you want to wake her up. I had my 2002 tdi modded to around 180hp / 300ftlbs and was using the stock...
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    MBz W124 diesel 1995 E300D - 51k miles, one-owner

    it revs nice too. I was suprised to see that the tach went to 6k on the 95 e300d.
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    MBz W124 diesel 1995 E300D - 51k miles, one-owner

    nice - its missing a turbo though ;) i have always fantasized about a 124 with an engine swap from a 98-99 210. put some nice suspension, chip it with jeff, nice tires. Would be a very sweet 200+hp sleeper.
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    Floridian TDIers, someone needs to check this out!

    yeah seems a little under priced. either its a straight scam, the owner is covering something up, or the dude is dumb about tdi prices.
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    2006 Jetta DSG 18k miles

    wow - now that is a lot of chrome.