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    04 Jetta tuning

    Oh,.....Trust me,'s in perfect running condition. I'm 52,....and have been turning wrenches since I was in my teens. I do all of the maintenance on it. I'm one the guys that always wanting more,....and I'm just use to a LOT of HP/TQ. I have a racecar that makes over 1100hp to...
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    04 Jetta tuning

    I have a 2004 Jetta, 5-speed that I've had for 16+ years. I recently started a job where I commute 130 miles a day,.....and a lot of it,.. is mountain driving. I'm looking for a slight increase in power & torque , help with the Hills. Who is the Go-To person or company these days...
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    I received my $350 Bosch check on Friday, 06-16. My buyback was the first week of February.
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    Double checking my mileage math

    I turned my car in on 02-07 and my mileage was under the estimate. According to my calculations,.....the amount they paid me (electronic transfer),....was 700 less than my #'s. Who do I contact to resolve this?
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    Dealer Loyality Cards

    I considered selling my card for a loss 350/400,....but lately it seemed like the market was flooded with them,...SO,...... I decided to purchase tires for my F-250 Diesel. The bill was 700, part was 200 out of pocket. IMO,...not too bad and much easier than trying to unload my...
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    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    My 2013 eat the damn Turbo with less the 17k on it. :mad: The exhaust shaft broke. As a result, they had to perform an engine flush, replace the turbo oil pipes & banjo bolts, replaced the oil filter housing,......AND the OIL PUMP !! :eek: To top it off,......the dealer kept my car 3...
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    2013 model Miles on car at failure: 16,800 Build date: N/A Corrective actions from dealership: Replaced Turbo & Oil Pump Outside air temps at failure: Low 40's Failure warning signs, if any: None, other than a high pitch squeal Warning lights on dash/MFI: Yes, at the very end of a trip...
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    PD In-Tank Lift Pump - Where to Buy

    This is the best price I found so far,.....
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    PD In-Tank Lift Pump - Where to Buy

    My 04 Jetta is in need of a new lift pump in the tank. I'm curious to where the best place to purchase a new one? Of course I want an OEM (Siemens/VDO) quality unit and NOT some Auto-Zone/Advance junk. Any positive direction will be appreciated.
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    Front license plate bracket holes

    I know this doesn't matter NOW,...... But,... why in the world would you purchase a brand new car with the plate bracket installed if your state doesn't require it? It's not like these cars are rare or anything that special. Just like a certain exterior or interior color. Buy what you want...
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    Electric Fan,.....running too much?

    I have a 2013 SE model, that has around 1200 miles on it and on a couple of different ocassions, the electric fans run 4-5 minutes after shutting the engine off. Keep in mind, the ambient temperature at the time this occured, was between 80-85 degrees,.....and the car had not been drove for an...
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    Squeaking problem under the hood

    Changed out the tensioner with one from Id Parts and my problem is fixed.;)
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    Squeaking problem under the hood

    After calling a freind of mine that used to be a VW dealership tech, I think I've determined it's a weak tensioner. I put moderate pressure on it while turning the wheels at idle and the noise went away.
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    Squeaking problem under the hood

    Well,........ I removed the serp. belt and all the pulleys spun freely, so I'm assuming it's either the pump or the steering rack going out? What's the general consensus? BTW,........ This is an 04 model w/ less than 90k on it,....... and very well kept.
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    Squeaking problem under the hood

    Ok guys,........ I thought I had an issue with my small elec fan that activates when I use my A/C,.......... and I still might, but that doesn't appear to be my problem at the moment. The squealing is very apparent when you turn the steeeing wheel at idle, but it's hardly noticable when you're...
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    Fan is dying,

    One of my fans on my 04 Jetta has been on it's way out for several months now and I think it's really only got a couple of days before it quits completely. :( Everytime I turn on my AC it makes an aweful squeeling/rattling sound. :eek: Where is a good source for a replacement, besides a VW...
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    04 TDI Jetta running on Bio-Diesel

    I'm wondering if I can run bio-diesel in my pumpe duse (PD) engine without any ill effects ? My idea is to convert WVO into bio-diesel. My car has 42-43k on it at the moment. I'm in the process of taking a new job that's going to be an 160+ mile (round trip). This will be a 5-day a week...
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    Longbeach wheels

    I'm in the market for a set of wheels for my 04 Jetta TDI and I was wondering if anyone has ever bought any of the 17" Longbeach replica wheels off Ebay...
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    Bolt Pattern Question

    I have a chance to buy a nice tire & wheel combo for my 04 Jetta. They are from an 06 model Golf GTI. Is the bolt pattern the same 5x100,....or is it 5x112 ?