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    oil is rolled back at walmart

    posted in oils fuels the Castrol 5 qt jugs of 507 oil are rolled back ..
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    504 507 oil price roll back at Walmart
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    Gas tank strap differences (a reference)

    There are a couple different straps so some dimensions.and differences in case anyone ever needs a set . there was two part numbers, one ends in 655F It is 83cm long, stands 18cm tall ,the distance from the front bolt's center to the second pin is 28.6cm and has an oval drain hole at the low...
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    Parting a 03,4 5 Alaska Green Jetta?? need fenders

    to save painting a set, anyone parted an 03 04 05 Jetta in Alaska Green??
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    non bio fuel added fuel available?

    Just wondering if there is non bio added fuel available in the south? Just noticed it at Walmart
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    watch out putting cross racks and roof racks on sunroof equipped cars

    heard from a dealer that there are racks that arent high enough and the sunroof will hit it, and bend the track and will leak. and will cost big to fix.
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    built a smoke tester for evap leaks etc, a must have

    built a DIY smoke tester via youtube videos. Man is it handy.. friends Mk4 gasser had a hissing when idling, and within a few secs it was found to be an oring on an injector.
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    Mk7 GSW Rear shims(!?)

    they are the Mk4 pads, Im gonna file my caliper mounts so I can fit the shims in
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    recommends for intake hose clamp

    anyone find a tool to grab and open them especially with old hands
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    radio doesnt work after battery or terminal removal fix

    yep Fig it was alarm related and reset Magic thats all I can say as I was learning new swear words.. windows lost the auto down function as well from the brief disconnect time
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    things to have for dsg oil change

    this works great and the drain adapter is on ali express
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    radio doesnt work after battery or terminal removal fix

    an FYI . cleaning battery terminal and charger clip to cable popped off,power to car lost for 2 secs so on re connect no radio, checked the 10 and 12 fuses as mentioned and nope.. but on pulling to check all, soon as I pulled 49 (5amp) at bottom radio came alive. so hope its of use.
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    Castrol 507 edge not at VW now so available elsewhere

    Castrols contract ran out with VW so they swapped vendors. but see Walmart has it.. will load up there.
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    castrol edge not sold at dealers now

    I called Castrol they had a contract contract ran out so they an sell retail now,, Its called LL vs ll03 now and they created a new part number the 5L is an L at the end not an e
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    castrol edge not sold at dealers now

    the 507 oil we did get is not sold at dealers now, (supply contract is over) so auto parts suppliers can bring it in. Part number as seen here is 15C52E for a 6 pack if your wanting to use the same stuff since day one
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    Castrol 507 edge not at VW now so available elsewhere

    heard the 507 oil isnt sold at VW now contract ran out so is sold at auto parts places under the part number 15C52E for a 6 pack an example
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    ali express pieces. fit nice.
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    FS, low profile Audi Black leather rear headrests

    Fit the Mk6 and 7's Golf and sportwagens.. $60 can mail no probs.
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    from the faq.
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    just called Ricepoint and yep guess nothing for the rest of us.