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  1. Impex fest 2015

    Impex fest 2015

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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    I took a few but can't get the site to upload them from my iPad. I'll have to wait to get home and try it from my PC. Had a great time and it was so great to see everyone! Thank you Eric and Bruce for the intake work! I hope you weren't disappointed that it was so dirty after all, but...
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    Impexfest 2015
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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    Thanks for the info. I'll just look for a crowd! The Oak Lane thing on Google Maps is what's throwing me off. I'll be getting on the road in a bit and am staying at my brother's in Ellicott City this weekend. Lito, will you be coming around? :-)
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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    I'm a bit confused on the location. I understand they've moved. When I plug in the address to Google Maps, it looks like it's around the corner on Oak Lane. And Lito posted a pic of a huge parking lot that is possibly further on down. There certainly doesn't appear to be enough...
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    Impex TDI Fest '15 Food Thread

    I'll bring a veggie tray. Probably a homemade one with assortment of pickles and olives as well.
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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    @ Bruce...I sent an email to your gmail account. Your PM is not working. Mary
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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    I was just going to seek you out and see if I could implore you or Eric to do an intake for me once again! There will be no problem taking care of the beer fund. Don't I recall there was a bourbon fund as well? LOL! Working on particulars for the trip, so let me get back to you as soon as...
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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    Hi everybody!! Long time no see! Go ahead Tom, say it! Mary who???? LOL! I am seriously thinking of making it up to Impex this year. Want to visit family and friends and I also need work done on this tired old Jetta of mine. Will anybody be working on manifolds? I think mine is...
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    Chris Farnham (3193) passes away, 3/8/15

    Always sad when a member of the TDI community is lost to us. Condolences to his family and all that knew him. I had heard his name mentioned in high regard many times on the forum.
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    MK4 IMMO3 MFA Cluster, imported from UK

    I may be interested. Do you still have it? Will let you know in a day or two. Diode on my cluster is bad. I would need to find someone to install this however, and therein lies my problem....
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    Lost my Best Friend yesterday........

    Giving you a huge hug from across the miles. So sorry Tom, it's just heartbreaking.
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    Impex Fest!! June 2 2012

    You moved it! UGHHHHHH! I had my sights on the first weekend in May since I will have it off. The first weekend in June is a big family reunion for hubby's family. I still might be able to pull it off. Might be in the doghouse though... :)
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    Any TDI Girls out there?!

    Ahem.... :) I guess I have been missin' for a while. I still have my car. Still keep in touch with several Fred's peeps. If Impex is happening this year, I'm going to do my damndest to make it! Finally have that weekend off!
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    June 4th & 5th AVL GTG

    Enjoyed this GTG last year, but sad to say I can't make it this year. I have a family reunion on the other side of the state that I can't miss. Actually, I guess I only made it there for the Friday GTG last year because I had the same reunion to attend. Sigh...I bet this is going to...
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    IMPEX Fest IX MAY 15,2010

    And Tom.... bite us all! LOL! You say that every year, but we know you luv us! :D
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    IMPEX Fest IX MAY 15,2010

    Ouch! At least it doesn't look very displaced.(disclaimer...Rad Tech unofficial opinion ;)) I wish I could have made it this year, was really hopeful. Just had too much going on and couldn't get out of work. Those T-shirts are NICE. I'm thinking black, Julie. :D
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    Sunroof Drain Hose Repair?

    I decided to pull all the electrical tape off the sunroof and check it out again. :rolleyes: I am just not sure what's going on. I pored a quart of water in that darn drain and every bit of it came out the drain at the nipple. None came into the driver's compartment anywhere that I could...
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    IMPEX Fest IX MAY 15,2010

    I have a ton of stuff going on these next few months, but I am going to do my darndest to make this GTG! I have missed the last two years and would really love to make it again. I do have the weekend off, so that is a start! Pete and HAVE got to excuses! :D And...
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    Sunroof Drain Hose Repair?

    Maybe I should just snip off the nipple as others have done. It appeared to run freely out the nipple, but I only pored less than a cup through there. When the windshield people did it, they used a lot more and I was watching it come out the hood latch. I didn't look to see if any was...