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    MK7 TDI Thermostat Housing

    Found it, same as the water outlet. You basically have to take the whole front of the car apart to take it out. Car has 140k so if any is getting close to that, be prepared todo this.
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    Thermostat housing fail
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    MK7 TDI Thermostat Housing

    Thank you guys for both your response. Is the water outlet on the driver side and thermostat housing the only in and out coolant path to the block? I got my phone in there yesterday and was able to see the leak. I’m guessing matting face between the housing and block here is how the outlet...
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    Water outlet fail
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    Thermostat housing leak
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    MK7 TDI Thermostat Housing

    Hello All, I have got my 2nd coolant leak in the last month and I believe its the thermostat housing but not to sure. The last first coolant leak was from the water outlet on the driver side of the motor. The lip that the o-ring set on disintegrated. Since the thermostat housing is plastic as...