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    Bay Area Meetups?

    So is everyone still afraid of the china virus? Are we doing this GTG or not?
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    Auto to Manual Swap Paid lesson

    Buy the jetta that needs a new transmission, get the 5speed swap kit, bring it all to yuba city and ill teach you how to swap all of that out
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    Crankshaft won’t turn after transmission install

    I have a used driveplate i can sell you. I might have the TC too id have to see if it threw it away or not. Send a PM for further details if interested
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    WTB: ALH EGR - Need Not Be Working

    I have one in working condition just needs to be cleaned on inside. I might be willing to part with it make an offer
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    Misc. Mk4 parts FS NorCal

    Shameless bump. Trans core is long gone. Someone buy some of this junk if you need it before i throw more stuff away. Everything is OBO
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    Buyer/seller feedback thread

    Bought a clutch and pet barrier from club member Torman last month. No complaints on the clutch , i used it for my 5 speed swap and that saved me over 150 bucks. Pet barrier came with wrong brackets for the car and he provided a partial refund. Buy from him with confidence
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    2003 Jetta TDI Potential Timing Belt Tensioner Problem

    Replace it immediately unless you want your engine to look like this
  11. Screenshot_20200918-110300_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200918-110300_Video Player.jpg

    Failed timing tensioner
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    Type of Grease for Driveshaft Joints

    This is what i used recently. Picked it up at NAPA
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    axle grease
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    Cruise control problems (manual swap)
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    Cruise control problems (manual swap)

    Recheck all your wiring. I just did the swap on my wagon. I have not had the ecu recoded and my car drives fine. Starts right up, reverse lights, and cruise control all work perfectly
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    Misc. Mk4 parts FS NorCal

    ALH upper intercooler pipe $60 very minor rubbing from PS pump Power steering pulley $15 Power steering fluid reservoir $15 Cv axle shield $15 Oil cap $10 01M shifter assembly $20 01M TCU $30 Plastic piece that goes around the shifter $10 crack on passenger side that you cant see when...
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    Misc. Mk4 parts FS NorCal

    Got a bunch of stuff left over from my 5 speed swap plus a few other miscellaneous items. Everything is OBO and is in good condition unless otherwise noted. Buyer pays shipping. Shipping out of 95901 so you can get your shipping quote from your preferred carrier. 01m transmission core FREE...
  19. Mk4 parts

    Mk4 parts

    left over parts
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