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    Will you turn in your tuned CR if VW offers buybacks?

    True, they have to deal with the reverse when selling overseas. Between the US an Europe though, they sell a lot more here than they do there, so it would make sense to have the regulation scheme the way it is. Another example, the "chicken tax" that discourages foreign small trucks from being...
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    Will you turn in your tuned CR if VW offers buybacks?

    Probably because it would make it easy for foreign companies to import cars. American car makers have an interest in making it difficult for foreign companies to compete with them, regulation is one of the best ways of accomplishing that.
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    Will you turn in your tuned CR if VW offers buybacks?

    Maybe, this all depends on the deal they reach with the regulators. If the deal is "offer to buy back ALL affected vehicles at Sept 2015 prices + $X in compensation" VW might not be able to reject the buyback of modified vehicles. This buyback is not up to VW's discretion, they're settling with...
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    Will you turn in your tuned CR if VW offers buybacks?

    The conditions of the buy back aren't VW's to decide, that's up to the regulators. VW can negotiate with them but I doubt the EPA/CARB would accept leaving a bunch of deleted TDIs on the road if it's brought to their attention. I'm not sure it will even be mentioned, as popular as those mods are...
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    Will you turn in your tuned CR if VW offers buybacks?

    Yeah, that is going to be interesting. If the point is to get them off the road I don't see why deleted ones would be excluded from a buyback, if anything those are the cars that they'd be happiest to not have driving around anymore. I'm also wondering how thoroughly they're going to inspect the...
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    Is tuning 2.0CR TDI worthwhile?

    You'll find a lot of people on here with Malone tunes and I doubt any of them will tell you it wasn't worthwhile. Plenty of Kerma's customers here as well with good things to say about his tunes. Both companies offer tunes that require no hardware modifications. "Best" is going to be hard to...
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    Will you turn in your tuned CR if VW offers buybacks?

    It's kind of hard to say at this point since we don't have any specifics about what the fix or buyback is going to be. If it's what the rumor is, KBB pre-scandal prices + $5k, that's an awfully enticing offer, especially if VW will offer sweetheart deals on new VW's to keep people in the brand...
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    Is there no separate brake wear warning light?

    Same with my '11 Golf. It's annoying to have the red BRAKE idiot light come on for this, makes me thing I didn't fully disengage the parking brake before driving off. The orange circle on the MFD has been coming on for a while now despite the pads being fine. Maybe I need to go check some...
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    Summer wheel switch

    I have those same wheels, just in 18" and powdercoated. Love them.
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    Intercooler freezing issue

    Maybe someone will chime in with some visual way to inspect, but I think VW dealers can track completed recalls by VIN so if you call/take it to a dealer they can probably tell.
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    3 Dual Mass Flywheel failures

    I dunno, it's pretty hard to miss from my experience. I never had DMF shudder at stage 2 but the day I went 3.5 I had it happen on the way home from the shop. I can definitely feel the car shaking and if I'm watching the tach I can see it doesn't climb smoothly while it's happening. It was bad...
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    next tune advise

    I think of it as an easy way to keep track of "sets" of modifications. Makes it a little easier to know what someone is talking about rather than having to list half a dozen mods each time you want to talk about something. This isn't 100% reliable obviously, but if someone says they have a stage...
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    Lost Malone time

    You'd have to talk to a dealer to get exact pricing but from what I've seen if you've already paid for the tune they only charge ~$50 to put it back on.
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    Curious if anyone has gotten a speeding ticket in their VW

    I've gotten 3 or 4 in the last 2 years. One of which was initially a reckless driving, that got knocked back down to speeding in court though. Black 2011 Golf. It is lowered and tinted and during summer has nice wheels on it, so I'm not helping it be less of a cop magnet :p
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    What are the chances of swapping a TDI into a Tiguan?

    Getting the parts here isn't the problem, registering it as a road worthy vehicle is. We have "grey market" imports with people bringing in Land Rovers and Nissan Skylines. Those cars get rounded up and crushed by the federal government when they get found out. If you live in a state with...
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    What are the chances of swapping a TDI into a Tiguan?

    Unfortunately we can't just import vehicles into the US due to regulations. It only really becomes an option once they're at least 25 years old. He can probably import Euro parts to make the swap a little easier, but an entire car isn't really possible.
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    Stage 3.5 Complete!!

    That's about like what mine is. It's enough that if you're tailgating me and I step on it, you're probably going to change lanes to avoid it :D
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    Stage 3.5 Complete!!

    Yeah, I have the HPFP out of a GTD so I think it's a little different than the normal 3.5 tune, not sure by how much though.
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    Stage 3.5 Complete!!

    My stage 3.5 gets ~42mpg cruising at ~75mph on a mostly flat 4 hour drive I make somewhat frequently. In northern VA's terrible traffic it's usually 33mpg. That number seems low for a TDI but I'm not sure there are many cars that pull better numbers in this traffic, certainly none that are as...
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    Malone Stage 3.5 on 2.0 CR

    Yup, that's what I do most of the time with mine. It took a few days of learning that sometimes you need to downshift to avoid that part of the powerband in 5th/6th but at this point it's second nature. I've also heard that if you're concerned about it just tell your tuner and they can have...