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    Wtb: passenger side mirror

    A tree branch fell on my golf and broke the mirror off the passenger side. I tried jb welding it, but I think I’d be better off replacing it in the long term. It’s reflex silver, and it has the heating element for defrosting. Lemme know if you got anything. thanks!!!
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    FS: 2002 VW Golf GLS (Jolf), Low miles ~163k, Well-maintained, lots of extras. Veteran forum member.

    Hey bud, it’s Kendall. We’ve been texting for the past year about this car. I’m still interested, and want to work out a deal with you to pick up your golf. I’m hoping you can give me a little time to work out travel plans (I’m up in Portland), now that you’re ready to offer it up. Let’s chat...
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    WTB 2000-2004 Golf TDI

    oilhammer, what color is that golf? I have a thing for blue cars.... Looks to me like jazz blue, although, in searching, I could not find anything that indicated mk4's were ever offered in jazz blue in north america (aside from the 20th AE). If the OP decides to pass, let me know. I wasn't...
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    Wtb: manual golf or wagon

    I have a lead on a car that won’t be ready to sell until late July or so. If you have something ready to sell sooner please reach out. Prefer an ALH wagon. Will settle for ALH golf or something later. Thanks
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    Advice before taking on new project

    Good point. Since I don’t have a garage, I will be relying on a shop to do the work, which can be pricey. The rest of the car is in good shape. A little over 200k miles, regular maintenance, no accidents no rust. I guess I’ll just have to decide if it’s worth the time and money for me
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    Advice before taking on new project

    Hey there! I'm hoping to get some advice from you all about a 2005 Jetta wagon that I’m considering buying. The owner cracked the oil pan and blew the turbo. He’s willing to let me have the car for $500, but I’m not sure how much it will take to make it road worthy again. He repaired the oil...
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    I’m in Portland too! Been looking for a tdi for a while now. Can I come take a look? I’m off today and tomorrow morning
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    Wtb: manual golf or wagon

    Okay, last time reaching out before I just buy a low mileage gasser. Will pay up to $7k for a low mileage clean manual wagon or golf.
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    Wtb: manual golf or wagon

    Didn’t realize how competitive it is out there! Willing to up the budget a bit for the right low mileage car. What’s out there in the $6k range?
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    Wtb: manual golf or wagon

    looking hourly, but no luck. Need one asap
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    Wtb: manual golf or wagon

    Have been looking casually for a while, but now in need of a commuter vehicle. I just missed out on a nice white 4 door and can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to get one now… anyways, I’m looking for a manual trans tdi. I’m in the Portland area but also can consider cars in so cal as I...
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    Time to move on - 2005 PD Golf

    Wow! What a beauty...Now to talk my wife into a road trip from IA to CA...
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    Mk6 to mk4

    What a great community! Thank you all for your feedback. I actually test drove an 03 golf tdi with a 5 speed the other day. It had low miles and the seller was asking for way too much money (in my opinion). It also reeked of diesel fumes which I had not experienced since owning my 83 mercedes...
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    Mk6 to mk4

    I was searching the forums for a thread on this topic but no luck. Anyone sell back their mk6 tdi and get into a mk4 tdi? I’m contemplating doing so because of the complicated emissions equipment on the mk6 that may cost me $$$ in repairs once the warranty is up. However I know that getting into...