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    new car

    V-w Thank you...
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    New car

    Could anyone share info for new car dealer that gives TDI member's discount on a new car...Any dealer east of the Rockies.. Thanks, Dave
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    new car

    Need the name of dealer that gives tdi discounts for new car purchase.. Any where East of the rockies.. Thanks Dave
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    Thank you

    Great job !!! THANK YOU Bruce and the entire crew for a great event. Sorry I could get to LEX Sat. but my time at the TDIFest on Sunday was GREAT... Again THANK YOU..... Dave
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    TDIFest 2011 Registration

    Going to Lexington I am up and going from Paris,France to CLT thence to TRI to grab 8 hours sleep and my TDI to drive 4 more hours to TDI LEX..... Looking for a 8:45AM ETA.... Can not wait..... jjpilot
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    Sunday Breakfast Buffet $15

    Late notice.. Sorry for the late notice was not sure what trip I would have to fly... Paris Thursday back to TN on Sat. Sunday morning... LEX.... Thanks for all your HARD WORK, Dave
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    Sunday Breakfast Buffet $15

    Food Two please...
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    2003 Golf two-door salvage car available in NC [$2000]

    Where in CLT.. I would like to look at your car.
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    TDIFest 2011 coming to Lexington, KY

    Great.... I am looking forward to the road trip !!!!!!
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    FS: 2003 Jetta TDI (NOT RUNNING) Monticello, Maine

    intrested if you still want to sell...
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    2003 Jetta TDI Sedan for sale, $3750 firm

    I might be intrested..Pix?
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    For sale!

    I would like the car cover..
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    2002 Jetta w/319K on "Broken Motor" FOR SALE in Wisconsin

    do you have a price in mind?????
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    My 03 Jetta was totaled. What's it worth? 192k

    parts I am intrested in the trans if it is a 5 speed.
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    BB Junior

    A Wishing you and your family all the best..... Dave
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    MK4 Parts (part out)

    Will front seats work in jetta sedan? If so how much...
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    MK4 Parts (part out)

    Do you still have front seats?
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    Pa: F/s or part out 2000 jetta tdi

    E-mail me I am intrested in the complete car...