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    Wanted: Broken or Needing Work TDI Cars

    I have a 99.5 golf TDI in Pittsburgh PA that I am looking to sell. I haven't had a chance to put it up online yet but will soon. 215,xxx miles 2 door, automatic, forest green. Has a FrostHeater coolant heater, VR6/wagon springs, new VNT-15 turbo (~20k miles). Has some cosmetic issues (peeling...
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    WTB- fuel sending unit for ALH

    The real kicker is that this time last year I had a box with at least 5 used sending units in it. I guess that box never made its way over to my new place. \/\/- I sent you a PM.
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    WTB- fuel sending unit for ALH

    I'm looking to buy a fuel sending unit for my 99.5 golf. Please PM or post here if you have one that you are selling. Thanks.
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    2002 Jetta Wagon 156K 6speed manual Austin, TX

    Damn. I was in Austin last week when you posted this. I would have rather cruised home in this than taken that bumpy plane ride.
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    Little Pittsburgh Clan

    I live a few blocks away from the sharp edge and have a vag com. I'll PM you with my phone number
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    Thinking of making and running biodiesel

    At the bottom of the the Alternative Diesel Fuel thread is something that says Display Options. In it you can change how the thread is sorted, ordered, and most importantly how recent the posts are... I think the default is 2 weeks. Adjust it to a higher number and scroll through that if you...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    The odd thing is, after cleaning off the connections I drove the car around for a while- no fix. It wasn't till I replaced the fuse later that the speedo worked. Oh well, works now!
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I cleaned off the corrosion on my VSS and put a new fuse in to fix my speedometer that started acting up and jumping around last week, now for the first time in 6 years my cruise control works. I'm not sure how the speedo was intermittently working with the blown fuse but sure is nice to have...
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    Advance Auto conversation...

    Oh well, had to ask. There were a few times when they said there was no Golf TDI, I just asked for the part for a Jetta TDI. Some how I never had an issue with that.
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    Advance Auto conversation...

    That used to happen all the time at my local Advanced in Pittsburgh too, I think they know me now. By any chance was is it the one in Penn Circle/East Liberty?
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Getting into NYC late saturday night I had a black plastic barb splicer connecting my FrostHeater melt after 4 years of use. I lost almost all my coolant and tried to keep my car from overheating on a highway that had no shoulder. I was able to limp it the few miles to my friends after putting a...
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    ? RE biodiesel

    as stated GetGO is blended up to B5, and the reason It is so low IIRC is that they keep the price locked from when they get it from the tanker. So it doesn't fluctuate at all until they need more fuel. It often makes it waaaaaay cheaper like now where its still $4/gal compared to $4.70-$4.80/gal...
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    99.5 Jetta No Start, No Crank, No FOB...HELP!

    Compu 85 thank you so much! I smashed the door light yesterday on a 370 mile trip, half way there I stopped to use the bathroom and the car wont start. I tried everything I could think of, except the fuse, tried it today. Wallah... fired right up! sadly I had to tow so the god damn fuse cost me...
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    Should I buy a 2002 Jetta Wagon TDI AUTOMATIC?

    Biodiesel and Waste Vegetable Oil, sometimes just called veggie oil are two similar but different things. They can both be sourced from fryer oil, either used or unused, but how you use them as fuel differs. Basically you have to modify something to deal with the viscosity of vegetable oil...
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    Biodiesel sourced from chicken fat - good stuff, or avoid?

    I assume most people read that as ANIMAL fats, but yes all biodiesel is made from fats from vegetable or animals if you want to be a stickler
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    Biodiesel sourced from chicken fat - good stuff, or avoid?

    Thanks. It still seems odd to advertise Biodiesel when its only at best 3% higher than the mandate. The fine print does say it is up to 5% right? Meaning that it could just happen to be B3? I wonder if they will increase it to B10 when the mandate for all pumps raises to a 5% blend. At least...
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    Biodiesel sourced from chicken fat - good stuff, or avoid?

    Baum went down in price! Last time I was there it was $6 something per gallon!! Good luck
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    Biodiesel sourced from chicken fat - good stuff, or avoid?

    Are the two places that you are talking about in Pittsburgh? There is Baum Automotive that has B100 and the GetGo station a few blocks down that has B5. Baum's price is pretty high, especially for something that is made from fat and solidifies very easily in the cold. The GetGo sells their Bio...
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    any ideas for wvo tank placement

    If there is space, under the trunk seems to make the most sense. The link I posted above has a 10 gallon tank. Here is another link to a post from him
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    Anyone with a VagCom near Oakland CA?

    did you check this thread, it has a map and you can look at people in your area?