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  1. TooRoundTDI

    Incorrect temperature readings

    Man that's weird but maybe there is some kind of buffer for the sensor in the ECU, even a simple filter cap that may be on its way out if it's electrolytic. Total guess but makes sense that it drops when unplugged but the wandering, no idea. Interested in seeing what it ends up being. Iirc...
  2. TooRoundTDI

    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    HEX-USB no CAN Broad Brook, CT 06016 PM me
  3. TooRoundTDI

    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    Maaaybe 2022 at this point :(
  4. TooRoundTDI

    Connecticut TDI owners roll call

    In CT? The wheel shop I use is in Windsor Locks and it's called The Wheel Shop. They unbent one of my wheels recently for $60 or 80 and did a great job.
  5. TooRoundTDI

    Connecticut TDI owners roll call

    Unfortunately the only thing I don't have is a lift since the building isn't high enough. I've got pretty much every other tool though plus heat and a/c. I'm down for wrenching gtgs especially in the winter when I have more free time. My buddy and I were thinking maybe a few hours on Sundays...
  6. TooRoundTDI

    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    Thatd be great, I don't think I've seen it since you got it. I sold the black car though so the only AHU I have is the donor for the Scirocco. Doing that I was able to get the better parts I wanted including Tuscan rods so I can go bigger than I had originally planned, it's gonna be a good one...
  7. TooRoundTDI

    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    I'm not old, you're old! TooRound is on the hill and going over in January, how's that make you feel! Depending on what happens with the virus I've been thinking about another hoedown on the farm possibly this summer. Hopefully it won't be 900 degrees with 100% mosquitoes like last time! I've...
  8. TooRoundTDI

    Connecticut TDI owners roll call

    Awesome! I'm going to be super busy for a few weeks cause I do lawn care and it's leaf season but after that I'll have plenty of time. I have to do a major shop cleanup too as it gets messy over the summer when I'm working. I'll lyk as soon as I'm free probably end of this month or early...
  9. TooRoundTDI

    Connecticut TDI owners roll call

    Darn too bad I saw this a year late! I've got a shop in East Windsor and plenty of AV equipment plus all the tools and knowledge to do what you wanted. I'm building a hot rod TDI (ahu/alh hybrid) for my 87 Scirocco starting very soon. When the covid stuff gets better would the CT and other...
  10. TooRoundTDI

    PD130/150 Intake+Racepipe passenger side

    PD130/150 Intake+Racepipe driver side Bought and never used as I changed my setup to passenger side. As seen on eBay for $250 or so Ill sell for $200 shipped in lower 48 states. Plus shipping cost for anywhere else. Will include new gasket and boost nipple.
  11. TooRoundTDI

    WTB AHU or 1Z exhaust manifold

    Don't need the turbo, let me know what you got! Thanks :D
  12. TooRoundTDI

    98 jetta 5 speed full part out. (PA)

    Interested in the exhaust manifold, don't need the turbo though I do understand if you might not want to separate them. If you do send me a pm.
  13. TooRoundTDI

    WTB: PD150 Race pipe

    Pics of my pipe, I won it in a raffle at TDIFest and it's unused with all the hardware and gasket: i
  14. TooRoundTDI

    WTB: PD150 Race pipe

    I have an ALH race pipe to trade or let me know what you have for how much. PM works best. thanks!
  15. TooRoundTDI

    Buyer/seller feedback thread

    I bought an ALH pump pulley from GotEuroCoraddo Date of Transaction: 7/5/17 Feedback: Got it to my house in like 3 days, packaged well and it was in good condition Comments: Would buy from him again