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  1. JettaJake

    Diesel tank filled with gasoline

    So this happened at essentially zero miles, first time off the sales lot?! A diesel truck filled with gasoline is a defective product. The whole affair is theirs to suffer; accept nothing less than a new/unused, never-mistreated replacement. Good luck!
  2. JettaJake

    Finally...800 Mile Club!

    15.683g, $3.189/g, 784.2' 206667' 50.00mpg, 6.4c/m +PS It's not an 800 (really not trying :-p ) but I thought the 50.00 mpg -- even to 2 decimal places -- was noteworthy :-)
  3. JettaJake

    Cheap Diesel: 2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Value Edition Costs $22,115

    On occasion I poll my coworkers and friends on their "pennies per mile fuel cost"....this has to be the most in-your-face way of comparing fuel costs. And while most gasser folks clearly have a weak handle on their actual fuel costs, based on what data I can find, no one ever comes as close as...
  4. JettaJake

    Mobil 1 TDT deal at Autozone

    ^^ that's pretty funny :D
  5. JettaJake

    Audi wants more diesels/so do most Americans

    Unfortunately (perhaps), by the time most drivers can afford an Audi, the importance of Economy trails so far behind Performance & Longevity that the 3-legged stool doesn't stand anywhere close to straight any more....yeah, I want one and have the means but I would still have to fall over the...
  6. JettaJake

    Need Your Thoughts and Prayers for Chris of Langhorne VW

    Oddly, I had logged here on this morning to look up Chris' numerical nickname so I could pass it onto an acquaintance who is looking to get into a new(er) TDI. That can wait. Best wishes, Chris, speedy recovery!
  7. JettaJake

    TDI Wedding

    What, only 5 years? It's not even broken in yet! 'grats to both of ya :)
  8. JettaJake

    Newbies and Vets: Tips for better fuel economy!

    It pains me to read stuff such as this here and while it is practically senseless to reply with the hope of containing all the butchery of fact that goes on, let me remind you that the air you breathe has closer to 79% nitrogen but what's 6% among friends? :rolleyes:
  9. JettaJake

    Thermostat replacement?

    A swing and a miss.... :p
  10. JettaJake

    Thermostat replacement?

    My search turned up no dedicated thread to this subject. Had a problem with the warm/cold cable coming loose (the lever the cable operates dropped down and disengaged from its whatchamacallit) which I fixed and everything seems hooked up properly except there is very little if any heat being...
  11. JettaJake

    VW - piano stairs

    VW: fun while driving AND now walking! :) Piano Stairs
  12. JettaJake

    VW rust Warranty is dust in the wind

    snoop, click the link 7 or 8 posts above yours
  13. JettaJake

    800+ on a tank, whos with me.

    Great job in that PD!! That rounds up to "only" 49.9 mpg ;)
  14. JettaJake

    800+ on a tank, whos with me.

    812 miles & 52.12 mpg last tank while paying NO mind to mileage and only modest attention to the speed limit :D '03 5M, ~120K miles, pp520s, RC3, 0.681 5th, DG down-pipe w/ cat-back, and vented (of course) An alternative to the ventectomy or 'manual venting' is to fill up till auto click-off...
  15. JettaJake

    800+ on a tank, whos with me. they say up east, ayuh! Time, not volume :)
  16. JettaJake

    A Week in a Prius

    vrooom vrroooommmm goes the TDI :D
  17. JettaJake

    Newbies and Vets: Tips for better fuel economy!

    "guess"?! Come on, you can do better than guess.
  18. JettaJake

    800+ on a tank, whos with me.

    my ALH mods never hurt mileage My '03 ALH (aka Jake) CONSISTENTLY tops 50 mpg in summer (typical ~52 mpg) and rarely falls below 48 mpg in the worst of winter. A leaky tire and driving like I stole it ONCE resulted in mileage below 44 mpg BUT only for that one tank!! When I calculate a number...
  19. JettaJake

    How was your 4th?

    Good god almighty! siss-boom-baaaa-aw hell!