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    Potential Farewell, But Might Stick Around...

    Peter, you brought up a good point, one more reason I keep my 2005 wagon -- it's quite inexpensive for registration and insurance! I have four old motorcycles (70s, 80s), a tractor, a utility trailer, a boat trailer (boat registered in VT) and my Jetta. Yearly registration for all is only about...
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    Potential Farewell, But Might Stick Around...

    I bought a 1972 Blazer in November of '72, had it all over this country for over 30 years and about 300K miles... I STILL miss it and sometimes even dream about it. Don't miss the gas-guzzler part of it, however - the main reason I got my Jetta TDI Wagon, which I'll keep "forever".... a tough...
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    Fan/Ac issue

    Not sure of pressures with the new refrigerants, but 100 PSI doesn't seem high enough to me -- could that just be residual pressure in a system that's low on refrigerant?
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    Coolant reservoir over pressurized

    Isn't there a way to test for combustion gasses in the coolant? It sure sounds like a crack somewhere. (Went through that on an '82 Peugeot 504D wagon a number of years ago -- there was a tiny crack in the head from a previous overheat episode.)
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    Cleaning old PD injectors

    I haven't looked at these injectors to know how much can be submerged, but I've had very good luck cleaning steel/brass parts by soaking in Hoppe's #9 gun cleaning solvent.
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    Lol.... Back in the day, when I was working at a service station we often had to get into a car to be able to tow it: They're not coat hangers, they're burglary tools!! Always carried one under the driver's seat of my '72 Blazer, for the 30+ years I had it; used it often! My proudest moment --...
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    03 Jetta Wagon Driver-Door window switches

    I was able to take my driver's door switch assembly out, disassemble it and clean it (it was really dirty -- lots of dust, etc) and put it back in. No problems since. My symptoms were the driver's window "auto-up/down" sometimes --most of the time-- didn't work. Not a difficult job, IMO.
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    I haven't installed it yet, but I'm sitting on a muffler from idParts. At 175K on my Mk4 wagon, in NH (but with limited winter driving at this point): the outer heat shield on my muffler was about to fall off, but the muffler itself was still intact, so.... I put a single large, wrap-around...
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    Idiot light came on this morning

    My '05 BEW would do that on cold mornings. Shut it down after a few minutes, re-start, no more coolant light. I finally added a bit more coolant, to get the level slightly above the "FULL" mark. No problems since....
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    2004 BEW intermittent starting issue

    That's what mine did. Very annoying, somewhat embarassing! After driving some distance and shutting off, sometimes an immediate start, most times several seconds of cranking before firing. I did everything mentioned in my post above, but it wasn't until I replaced the 7-year-old battery that it...
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    Creaking sound - trying to identify it....

    Motor mounts, dogbone transmission mount....
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    2004 BEW intermittent starting issue

    Check out threads on here about hard starts with a BEW. You might also check the electrical- - battery, grounds under the battery. At least eliminate the "simple stuff" first.
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    My beloved wagon rolled back into a tree out of the driveway.

    I'm just partial to wagons. If it were a sedan, I'd let it go, but a wagon? Never!
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    Help! Electrical Gremlin in my 2003 Jetta wagon

    Ha-ha... that's definitely my OCD kicking in! I also make a note in the owner's manual/logbook. Been doing that for years on my cars, motorcycles, boat, house repairs, etc. Comes in handy to see when X was last done or some device was installed/replaced, also useful for troubleshooting...
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    Help! Electrical Gremlin in my 2003 Jetta wagon

    Go for it! Not too bad, once you get the headlight adjuster cover, airbox and battery out of the way....
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    Help! Electrical Gremlin in my 2003 Jetta wagon

    I was having some slow crank/hard start issues and read about "the ground under the battery." After removing battery, I found THREE grounds under there. Cleaned 'em all. Also replaced both positive and negative battery cables, due to corrosion under the insulation on the ends; you might want to...
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    Engine vibration issue

    Thanks for the conclusion!